Having a heart attack around people is scary enough, but at least you can call out to someone for help. If you are alone, however, you wouldn't have anyone to help you survive the traumatic event. And if you don't know some techniques about dealing with it, it would  be fatal. So in this article, we'll cover some of the ways for how to survive a heart attack when alone.

Dial 911

Before attempting to call anyone else, you should always call 911 first. Dialing 911 is the fastest way to ensure you get the medical attention you will need. When the emergency help arrives at your location, the medical workers can immediately begin treatment, which is not something most of your friends or relatives will be able to provide. Even if you fear it will take an ambulance too long to reach your location, the 911 dispatcher can provide you with safety instruction to help reduce the effects of the heart attack.

Call someone who lives close to you

After you have called 911, you might want to call someone to have with you. If you have a neighbor or relative that lives close by, call and ask them to come over in case you go into full cardiac arrest. You should not, however, ask this person to drive you to the hospital unless the 911 dispatcher has given you the instruction to do so.

Take aspirin

How to survive a heart attack when alone? If it is within the first 30 minutes of your suspected heart attack symptoms, chew on a 325 mg non-enteric coated aspirin. Aspirin can delay the formation of blood clots which can block your arteries more. It prevents the blood platelets from sticking together, allowing them to flow more easily. How to survive a heart attack alone by taking aspirin? Do not just swallow the aspirin, chewing it will help release the effect of the medication more. Keep in mind if you are on medication, this might not be a viable options since some medications react negatively to aspirin.

Take a beta-blocker

Individuals who suffer from a heart condition already most likely have a beta-blocking drug prescribed to them. This drug should only be taken if prescribed by your doctor and you can ask doctors when dialing 911.

Do not drive

It is never recommended that you drive while experiencing any heart attack symptoms. If you happen to already be driving, you should pull over safely to the side of the road and call 911. The main reason to stay out of the driver's seat is in case you go into full cardiac arrest. When this happens, you will end up passing out, which is not something you want to do while driving. The only time when this should be considered is if you have absolutely no other way to get medical attention.

Stay calm

Panicking can cause your symptoms to worsen significantly, so you want to try to relax as much as possible. Keeping yourself relaxed will help keep your heart rate steady. Try thinking of a pleasant memory, remind yourself help is on the way, and count slowly. These methods can help slow your heart rate and keep you calm.

Lie on your back

How to survive a heart attack when alone? Lie down and elevate your legs. This helps open up the diaphragm. Keep your legs propped up for more comfort. This will allow more oxygen to enter your bloodstream and make it easier for you to regulate your breathing and keep you calm.

Take deep breaths

To maintain a steady supply of oxygen to the blood and heart, take deep steady breaths. If you find yourself struggling to take deep breaths, place yourself in front of a steady stream of air like a fan, air conditioner or window.

Don't cough

Some people may have heard of the cough CPR method to survive a heart attack, but this method can cause more damage than good. While this technique is used by trained physicians, it is only done so on rare occasions when the patient is about to go into full cardiac arrest. When performing this method without the supervision of a doctor, you can cause your heart rhythm to be thrown off and decrease the oxygen entering your bloodstream.

Do not eat or drink anything

While it may not even cross your mind to eat or drinking something, when you feelings the signs of a heart attack, it is worth noting that this should be avoided. Aside from chewing on aspirin, all other foods and beverages should be left alone since this can cause more complication for paramedics to treat you.

Get a wet washcloth

How to survive a heart attack when alone? You want to try to get your body temperature down to help regulate your heart rate. To do this, wet a washcloth with cool water and place it under your armpits, which can also help your breathing steady.


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