Goat cheese is also known as chevre, which means goat in French but now it commonly refers to goat cheese. Though it appeared thousands of years ago and presented in soft, semi-soft and firm varieties, it didn’t become as popular as traditional cow cheese. But what is the reason? Maybe cheese lovers want to know “Is goat cheese is healthy?” Here you will find the answer.

Is Goat Cheese Healthy?


Surely, the answer of this question is yes. Though goat cheese and cow cheese differ in fat contents, goat cheese has a number of health benefits which make it highly recommended for people who dislike the taste of dairy products made from cow’s milk. Goat cheese contains less harmful substances but the similar vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits of Eating Goat Cheese

Goat cheese has proven to have many health benefits over cow cheese. It is a very good healthy alternative of cow cheese due to the following reasons:

Nutrients of Glass of Goat Milk

Firstly, just check out all that a glass of goat milk can provide. It may give you a positive hint of your doubt: “Is goat cheese healthy?”



Saturated Fat

6.5 grams / 33 percent DV*


6.5 grams / 33 percent DV*


10.9 grams / 4 percent DV


27 milligrams / 9 percent DV


11 grams


12 milligrams / 5 percent DV



327 milligrams / 33 percent DV


271 milligrams / 27 percent DV


34.2 milligrams / 9 percent DV


498 milligrams / 14 percent DV


0.1 milligrams / 6 percent DV


0.7 milligrams / 5 percent DV


Vitamin A

483 IU / 10 percent DV

Vitamin B2

0.3 milligrams / 20 percent DV

Vitamin C

3.2 milligrams / 5 percent DV

Vitamin D

29.3 IU / 7 percent DV


Balanced Calorie Intake

A typical brand of goat cheese contains 70 calories per ounce, 45 of which are from fat. While, the commonly consumed cow cheese, like cheddar cheese, contains 110 calories per ounce, of which, 80 are from the fat. So if you are pursuing weight loss, goat cheese is a better alternative for you.


Keep Your Blood Cholesterol Controlled

Goat cheese is a heart friendly option for people who have high blood cholesterol problems, because it contains lower amount of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than cow cheese.


Well-Adjusted Amount of Sodium

High amount of sodium in your diet can lead to high blood pressure and can also be harmful for smooth kidney function. Goat cheese contains a well- adjusted amount of sodium, just 65 mg per ounce, while a typical brand of cow cheese contains 170 mg per ounce. Therefore, goat cheese is recommended for blood pressure and hyper tension patients.


Sufficient in Proteins

According to research, a single serving of goat cheese contains 4 g of protein whereas cow cheese contains 7 g in a serving. Although the protein in goat cheese is less but it is sufficient enough to meet our daily needs.


Vitamins and Minerals: the Essential Nutrients

Goat milk is no less in essential nutrients like vitamin and minerals. It is a healthy viable option for growing kids and people who want to regain and maintain their body strength. It has sufficient amount of vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin A, niacin and thiamin. It also contains vitamin B, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium.


Easier to Digest

Compared with cow cheese, goat cheese is thought to have less lactose which is a form of sugar present in milk and other dairy products. So it is recommendable for people with lactose intolerance to switch over to goat cheese. Moreover, the smaller amounts of fat globules which dissolve thoroughly in the goat milk make it light and easy to digest.


High in Calcium

Goat cheese has more calcium concentration than cow cheese. So it has an added health benefit over cow cheese. In order to maintain ones’ bone and dental health, it is imperative to take high calcium diet and goat milk or goat cheese is a feasible option.

Tips to Enjoy Goat Cheese

Is goat cheese healthy? Now you have got a clear answer. Look at these tips below to help enhance the flavor of your meals with goat cheese.
  • You can use some goat cheese in your pizza.

  • Put goat cheese on the top of green salad.

  • Fill your quesadilla with some goat cheese.

  • Add some in a Turkey burger.

  • You can also enjoy goat cheese in a veggie frittata.


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