There is nothing manly about veggie burger and Appletinis – at least this is what a self-respecting man would say. If you think it is now time to go past those extra sweet, flowery-smelling, garnished, and fruity-tasting girly drinks, there certainly are some highly popular male alcoholic drinks to try. Let's find out more about some of the most powerful and time-tested manly drinks.

20 Recommended Alcoholic Drinks for Men

A drink that tastes sweet cannot be manly – that is the cardinal rule. Know that you are handing over your man card if you are going to order a pina colada or strawberry daiquiri. The best cocktails for you are clear or brown. While those drinks really do not need to be high in alcoholic content, they certainly need to give you that bitter, throat burning sensation that real men love. Check out some of the best male alcoholic drinks that will help you make an impression.

Rum and Coke

If you love the taste of Pepsi or Coca Cola, you will also enjoy the taste of rum and coke. Rum compliments coke and makes it spicier. It may not be one of the best manly drinks, but it certainly means you are moving in the right direction.


Jack and Coke

Jack Daniels and coke is an interesting variation of the rum and coke, but it is stronger in terms of taste. You just need to mix the whiskey with coke and there you go. You can try some alternatives, such as Jim Beam and coke or Southern Comfort and coke.



Boilermaker is definitely from the "depth charge" or "bomb shot" category of drinks. Just fill up a pint of beer ¾ of the way up, add a shot glass of whiskey, and down it in one go without spilling a drop. You are definitely going to ask for another one.


Irish Car Bomb

Try this famous bomb shot and you will fall in love with it. Opt for one-half Irish cream and one-half Irish whiskey into a stout of Irish whiskey. A word of caution – it is not for the faint of heart.



Order a Manhattan if everyone around you is enjoying hard alcohol. Made with a dash of bitters, sweet vermouth, and a variety of rye, whiskey, scotch, or bourbon with a cherry on top, a Manhattan is certainly a man's drink mainly due to the strength of the liquor.


Dirty Martini

Most men love this sleek combination of vermouth, gin, olive juice, and olives. Order this at any bar and you will look classier than any fruit cocktail drinking wimp. Be ready to have a throat burning sensation when enjoying your dirty martini.


Rob Roy

Named after Robert Roy McGregor, this Scottish drink is always on the list of top male alcoholic drinks. It consist of ¾ oz. of vermouth, 1 ½ oz. of Scotch whisky, and a dash of bitters. You may also have a maraschino cherry along with this drink.


Old Fashioned

This male alcoholic drink has a mixture of bitters, sugar, whiskey, water, and a lemon peel. Served over ice in a short tumbler glass, you will love its hard, strong taste with a bit of sweetness that cuts that strong taste of whiskey just perfectly.



Order this male drink if you are into clear liquors but want some tartness in your cocktail. Made by mixing grapefruit juice with gin or vodka, Greyhounds are quite refreshing yet strong. It is served over ice and may also have some salt around the rim of the glass.


Tom Collins

The drink works wonder to make you feel fresh during the hot summer months. It is made by combining lemon juice, gin, club soda, and simple syrup. It is served over ice with lemon peel or cherry used as a garnish. It may taste quite like a glass of lemonade but a kick from the gin makes it better.


Gold Rush

It is a must-have in those hot summer months. It is made by mixing lemon juice, bourbon, and honey. It is quite strong, but the addition of honey and lemon helps make it a smooth shot.



Invented during the early 20th century, Sidecar was traditionally made by mixing brandy and lemon juice. Today, it is usually made with bourbon and lemon juice. Garnished with a lemon twist, it is usually offered in a glass with a sugared rim.


The Godfather

It is a perfect combo of amaretto and Scotch whisky. The sweetness of the liqueur cuts the harsher Scotch flavor just perfectly and makes you feel as if you are enjoying almond whiskey. It is among those male alcoholic drinks you can have after dinner.


Hole in One

This hot drink is made using tea, honey, Johnnie Walker Red and lemon. It is a seriously strong drink, all thanks to the Johnnie. The addition of lemon and honey gives it a soothing quality though.


Bloody Bull

Try this to enjoy a tasty mix of beef bouillon, vodka, Tabasco sauce, lemon, and Worcestershire sauce. That burning bite you experience in the throat makes it a drink not suitable for everyone. Try it with caution.


Long Island Iced Tea

Only real men should order this strong drink, since it is a perfect combo of vodka, light rum, sour mix, gin, tequila, a splash of cola, and triple sec. A lemon wedge is used as a garnish. Do not try to consume it quickly, as it is very strong.


Gin and Juice

You may enjoy this cocktail made of grapefruit, gin, and orange juice, especially if you are looking for something strong to order. You can call it the manliest cocktail that comes with a fruity taste.



This drink helps boost your electrolyte intake since it is made using Jagermeiser herbal liqueur and Gatorade energy drink. The addition of the Jagerade is the reason why it finds a place in the list of top male alcoholic drinks.


Rusty Nail

To prepare a rusty nail, you simply have to fill your whiskey glass with lemon peel and scotch. Drinking vets are sure to respect you when you order a rusty nail at a hardcore pub. Do not be too hasty when taking these shots.



You will love this drink, which keeps the Russian traditional of combining vodka with beer alive. The addition of vodka increases the alcohol content of the drink but the flavor does not change much.


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