While a good sci-fi thriller or comedy will supply you with plenty of laughs, every once in awhile you need to see something that pulls on the heartstrings a little. While you don't want to wallow in self-misery when putting on a movie, there is something about certain movies that make you cry that can really let you get lost in the story and even put things into perspective. The following movies are sure to bring on the tears, so grab a box of tissues when watching.


Old Yeller

A dog is man's best friend and this movie shows just how loving they can be. When their family dog protecting the family is bitten by a wolf, there is only one way this movie will end. If you're an animal lover, then you'll need the tissue for the ending.


Love Story

This is a true heartbreaking romance. Two people fall in love and get married against the well wishes of his father and are hit with devastating news that the woman has leukemia. It follows the story from the diagnosis until the woman dies and his father trying to make amends.


Ordinary People

Being a parent is hard; having to deal with the death of one of your children is something no parent should ever have to deal with. This movie focuses on that and how the mother and father need to cope with their emotions and the hard decision they make.



This classic film follows the friendship of two girls who come from different backgrounds. Their friendship carries over into adulthood until one of the women dies of a rare disease. This one will make you want to get on the phone with you best friend and catch up because you'll realize just how little time you might have with one another.


Steel Magnolias

This heartfelt story focuses on the up and downs of the lives of a group of Southern women. While it begins by celebrating the marriage of one woman, who later faces many complications with diabetes, it ends in a tragic way. The women all do their best to support one another through the complications life throws at them.


Dead Poets Society

When you think of movies that make you cry, you won't often think of Robin Williams being the star, but this one is unlike his other movies. Robin Williams plays the role of an English teacher trying to reach and inspire his students in some unconventional ways. Eventually, the teacher is fired but his students let him know the impact he has had on their lives before he departs the classroom. 


My Girl

A young girl, who recently lost her mother, tries to cope with her feelings and end up befriending with a young boy named Thomas. The two are eventually inseparable until the boy meets a tragic ending. This one is full on emotional ups and downs that will keep you reaching for the tissues.


The Bridges of Madison County

It is not often you will watch a movie about a love affair that will have you in tears but this one is sure to pull at your heartstrings. When a married woman ends up having a romantic encounter with a traveling photographer, she must ultimately make the decision to stay with her husband or leave with her new lover.


Life Is Beautiful

This film is sure to give you chills. It begins by following the courtship of a Jewish man pursuing the women of his affection in a comedic manner. Based around the time of the Holocaust, the man and his son are taken away to a concentration camp which the wife insists on going as well. While the father does his best to make the experience seem like a game for his son, the ending will surely leave you an emotional wreck.



It is hard for a woman to see another woman raising her children. In this movie, the biological mother must come to terms with this hard fact as she also copes with her diagnosis of terminal lymphoma.


Big Fish

Some father-son relationships can become estranged especially when the son transitions from boyhood into manhood. While the son in this movie was captivated by all the tales his father used to tell him, as he grows older, he realizes they were all just lies, or so he thought.


The Notebook

The Notebook is simply one of the most romantic love stories you will come across. This is one of the movies that make you cry over and over again. It follows the love story of two teenagers and how they grow, lose touch with one another, and eventually find their way back to each other again. You'll need a box or two of tissues for this one.


Brokeback Mountain

Forbidden love always makes a good storyline and this one about two men falling in love hits all the tragic, forbidden love key points. How does their love story end? You'll want to watch to find out.


P.S. I Love You

This movie is sweet and reminds us all the true love never dies. When widow Holly Kennedy begins to receive messages from her late husband on her 30th birthday, she embarks on a journey that will give her closure and the courage to move on from her husband's death.


Marley & Me

When there is a dog in a movie, it is hard not to love it. This one shows just how a family grows together and with the help of their slightly difficult dog, how this family can get through even the most difficult times together.


The Green Mile

This may not seem like a tear jerker, but it certainly is. A wrongfully accused man is sent to prison for murder, while he knows his innocence, he wants nothing more than to be free from the pains of the world. 


E.T the Extra Terrestrial

While there are some comedic moments in this movie, you'll need the tissue as well. When a little boy tries to help a stranded alien return to his home planet, they form a bond that will pull at the heart strings. You won't be able to hold back the tears when E.T finally departs for his home planet. 


Project Nim

If you are into documentaries, this is one of the movies that make you cry for a number of reasons. It follows the life of a chimpanzee that is first raised by a human family but later is given over for research. In the end, you will realize just how everyone in this animal's life let him down.


The Pursuit of Happyness

Based on a true story, The Pursuit of Happyness, follows a father’s struggle to support his young son. While trying to provide for his son, he also teaches him that nothing in life is impossible when you have the determination and drive to pursue your dreams.


Still Alice

Alzheimer's can be a devastating disease for both the person diagnosed with it and the ones around them. This is a heartbreaking story full of emotion that many people will be able to relate to and shed a lot of tears over.


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