The human body is composed of over 60% of water which is used in the cells, organs, and tissues in the body. Water assists in regulating the body's temperature as well as maintaining bodily functions. The body loses water in a number of ways from breathing to sweating and through digestion. Because it is essential for the body to stay hydrated, when it comes to the water you drink, is there a difference between room temperature water vs. cold water? This article will address just that.

Let's Compare Room Temperature Water and Cold Water

The main differences

Obviously, the major difference between cold water and room temperature water is the actual temperature. The temperature of the water will cause additional variation in the properties of the water such as the density, solubility, and heat capacity. For most, cold water presents a crisp and cleaner taste that is more refreshing and enjoyable. Thus individuals who struggle to drink 8-10 glasses water a day tend to choose drinking colder water.

Which one is better?

Depending on the circumstances, drinking cold or room temperature water can make a difference. The body's temperature for the average person is around 98.6 degrees F. When the body temperature rises, you may want to drink cold water which can actually cause the body temperature to raise more, because the body has to work harder to regulate the temperature of the water with its normal temperature. So when should you choose one over the other? Does your body benefit from the different temperature when it comes to room temperature water vs. cold water?

When Room Temperature Water Is Better

  • Digestion

When it comes to aiding your digestion, drinking warm water in the morning can make a significant difference. Warm water in the morning is said to help stimulate digestion. It is also recommended to drink warmer water with your meals because cooler water can cause digestive distressed, since more energy is needed to warm up the colder water and therefore leads to a longer time for foods and liquids to digest.

  • Detox

Water is vital when it comes to removing impurities from the body. Drinking room temperature water can be more beneficial when detoxing because it requires less time and energy for the body to assimilate. A more effective way to detox with water is to add lemon to stimulate digestion and help flush out more toxins.

  • Pain Relief

When you are suffering from a headache or inflammation, it is better to drink room temperature or hot water. The warm water will help stimulate blood flow which can help alleviate the tension throughout the body. When the blood flow is stimulated, it will go through these tense areas which can help alleviate the pain.

  • Constipation

When it comes to compare room temperature water vs. cold water, the warmer water definitely aids in relieving a number of discomforts, such as constipation. Constipation is often caused by dehydration, so increasing your water intake is essential. Warm water can speed up the process because the temperature of the water stimulates the blood flow and can provide a soothing relief in the intestines. For faster relief of constipation, stick with warm water rather than cold water.

When Cold Water Is Better

  • Exercise

Sipping on cold water during your workout can help keep your core body temperature down. You lose plenty of electrolytes and water through sweating, which is one of the ways our bodies help regulate and cool down the core body temperature. So it is vital to be continuously replenishing the fluids to the body.

  • Fever

Drinking plenty of fluids when you are ill is necessary, especially when you have a fever. When your body is overheated, cold water can feel like a relief which is something you won't get from drinking a glass of warm room temperature water. It is also essential to drink plenty of cold water to help flush any of the harmful germs in your bacteria and replenish the electrolytes you may be losing, and keep you hydrated as your body fights off the infection and germs.

  • Weight Loss

You can burn up to 70 additional calories a day by drink cold water. The cold water can boost metabolism which over time can help aid in weight loss. While drinking cold water alone won't help shed the pounds, it can be an easy way to burn some extra calories when combined with regular exercise. When it comes to comparing room temperature water vs. cold water, each can have their own benefits for different situations. But, when you are trying to lose weight and stay in shape, then you'll want to refresh your body with a glass of cold water instead of drinking room temperature water.


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