In 2009, The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) put a ban on the manufacturing of fruit or candy-flavored cigarettes. This ban, however, did not apply to smokeless tobacco or cigars, like Black and Milds. In this article, we will discuss smoking Black and Milds in detail.

Basics About Black & Milds

Black and Milds seem like a combination of a cigarette and cigar. They are short and narrow and use a pipe tobacco which tends to contain more tobacco than the tobacco used in cigarettes. Black and Milds also come with a plastic tip to smoke the mini cigar through. They can be found in a variety of flavors like apple, cherry, and even wine. Like cigarettes, Black and Milds can be bought by the pack and are not as expensive as many would think. Black and Milds can be more enticing for younger adults or teens to try because of the flavors, individual packs, and price.

Negative Effects of Smoking Black and Milds

Just like cigarettes, Black and Milds also pose a number of potential health risk from their use. These little cigars are not a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, even if you are not inhaling the smoke. It can cause serious health problems such as:

Increase risk of cancer

Smoking cigars, like Black and Milds, puts you at a 10 times higher risk of developing cancer of the mouth, larynx, and esophagus. Even though most cigar smokers don't inhale the smoke directly, they are still at a higher risk of cancer. Those who do inhale have an even higher risk of developing cancer of these areas.

Risk of addiction

Cigars contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance that alters the brain. Even those who do not inhale can become quickly addicted to the smoke because the nicotine can still be absorbed through the mouth. Once the nicotine is in the body, the brain alters to become dependent on it; when it is not present, the body can go through withdrawal.

Health issues caused from secondhand smoke

Like cigarettes, the secondhand smoke from cigars can be a health risk to those near and around anyone smoking Black and Milds. The smoke from cigars is considered to be more harmful than that from cigarettes, releasing carbon monoxide, ammonia, nicotine and even arsenic into the air. This could be because there is more tobacco found in cigars and they take much longer to burn than cigarettes.

Damage to the heart and lungs

Lung disease, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema are all health problems of the lungs and heart that smoking cigars can cause. Those with asthma will also notice that smoking can worsen their condition. Individuals who choose to smoke cigars also put themselves at a higher risk of suffering from or dying from a heart attack.

Negative effects on oral hygiene

Mouth cancer and additional oral health issues like tooth loss, damage to the jaw bone, receding gums, yellowing of the teeth and bad breath can result from smoking cigars. 

Then How to Stop Smoking Black and Mild

Now that you realize the potential health risk to smoking cigars, you might be wondering how you can stop smoking Black and Milds to improve your health. Quitting cigars is just as much of a challenge as quit regular cigarettes.

  • You will want to have a support system to help you through the process, so inform your friends and family about your desire to quit.

  • Choose your quitting date, so you can prepare yourself and get rid of all your tobacco and tobacco related products.

  • Substitute smoking with a different hobby that you will enjoy doing. Be familiar with what triggers your cravings and try reading, exercising, eating a healthy snack or turning on music to distract you from the urge to smoke.

  • Consider using nasal sprays, chewing gum or patches to help reduce nicotine cravings.

  • Take on a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep and eating right. Drink plenty of water and makes sure to eat fruits or vegetables with every meal or as snacks.


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