Aries men are often adventurous, determined and dedicated. They tend to focus on obtaining success and will often be the early to bed and early to rise types. They are not interested in wasting their time in slightest things, which is often the reason they like to get up so early so they can quickly get things done. While they may be goal oriented, that doesn't mean they won't let loose and have some crazy fun. Then what about love and relationship? What will an Aries man look for in a woman? Read on to learn just what your Aries guy looks for in the perfect partner.

What Does an Aries Man Look for in a Woman?



  • Aries men are very active, so when it comes to the woman they date, they will tend to go after someone who is just as physically fit as they are. There's a good chance that he'll want to spend time at the gym with your or go on a rock climbing adventure, so being in shape will win you extra points with an Aries guy.

  • While an Aries guy wants a woman who is physically fit, being feminine is also needed. A set of abs will attract him, but if you can also put on a little black dress and look stunning, then he'll definitely show his interest in you.

  • Aries men will often like exceptionally gorgeous women. They won't settle for someone who doesn't take pride in how they present themselves. They will often go after women who always look put together and know how to carry themselves in a pair of heels.

  • Having a sophisticated sex appeal is a key trait to have. Aries guys can be incredibly sexual so they will want a woman who can be classy and still capture his attention.



  • A little mystery can go a long way with an Aries guy. Aries men love a good challenge, so making him work to get to know more about you can not only keep him interested, but can also win his heart.

  • Along with leaving things a little mysterious, you want to keep things interesting by being a little unpredictable. What does an Aries man look for in a woman? You have to spark his curiosity and one way to do this is to say what's on your mind while also having respect for his own opinions. You want to be just as adventurous as he is and you want to surprise him with some of the things you can say or will do.

  • An Aries guy is highly driven and will look for a partner who is just as independent as he is. Don't expect an Aries guy to come to the rescue or solve all your problems because you could be waiting around for him for a long time. Instead, show that you are an independent person who knows what they want and isn't afraid to solve their own problems.

  • You can look like a supermodel but this will only get you so far with an Aries guy. You have to bring a lot of passion to the table as well and this isn't referring to what goes on behind closed doors. An Aries guy wants someone who is passionate about what they do and what they want to accomplish. From the job you go to every day to the volunteer work you do on the weekend, you want to show him you are passionate about all the things you do in your life if you want to keep him around.



  • A woman who has a lot of energy will capture the attention of an Aries guy. They are looking for someone who can keep up with them whether it is staying out late to see a concert or waking up early to hit the thinking trails if you are more of the laid back and relaxed type, you could be easily overlooked. What does an Aries man look for in a woman? Being a naturally high energy woman is what he'll be looking for, so you can skip getting that double espresso with him as he'd much rather hit the gym or tennis courts.

  • An Aries man will lavish you with attention, gifts and much-forgotten charm, so he'll want a woman who will appreciate all these things. He's a romantic at heart and will treat the right woman to most respect and extravagance.

  • Being able to hold your own in conversation will keep an Aries guy interested. You need to be able to be witty and match his charm and sophistication when conversing.

  • Since Aries enjoy the finer things, you also need to be able to appreciate these finer things. Being artistic or interested in art whether it's attending the local symphony or attending a local art gallery - these are activities that your Aries guy will be interested in.

  • Aries guys want to find a long-lasting partner, one that he can see starting a family with. If you love children and show your Aries guy a little bit of your maternal side, then you will definitely spark his interest. He wants someone who will not only share in the adventures of trying new things, but also the adventure of starting a family as well.

  • What does an Aries man look for in a woman? He looks for someone he considers to be his equal. He admires women who are independent enough to follow and accomplish their own goals.


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