Sometimes it can be impossible not to pop an imposing pimple. The temptation becomes too much and you just have to remove it. If this is the case, then knowing what to do afterwards is important for the health of you skin, as well as to avoid the chance of permanent scarring. Learn what you should do after popping a pimple, and exactly how to do it properly to minimize damage.

What to Do After Popping a Pimple

After you have popped a pimple, you should act immediately to clean the area and repair the damage that was done to your skin. It is quite likely that some swelling may occur at the area of the popped pimple, this is the body’s natural defensive system that instigates the process of healing. To reduce swelling and help the healing process, simply:

1. Create a cold compress by wrapping ice within a clean and soft cloth

2. Place the cold compress upon the site of the popped pimple

3. Hold for around 45 seconds

4. Gently apply pressure to push moisture from the ice onto the popped pimple

5. Remove the ice and wait around five minutes before going through these steps again

6. Stop when swelling is reduced or if the process becomes too uncomfortable

Once the swelling begins to go down, it is time to think about cleaning the area. When ascertaining what to do after popping a pimple, cleanliness is one of the most important things to consider. This is because you have created an opening in the epidermis (outer layer of skin) through which unwanted bacteria can enter and cause problems. Ensuring that you clean the area efficiently will reduce the likelihood of this occurrence. To achieve the best results, follow the steps below:

1. Use an antibacterial cream to sufficiently disinfect the area

2. Apply a product that has salicylic acid, though try to avoid acne treatments that dry out the skin

3. Consider covering the area with petroleum jelly, Neosporin, or anything that can help to create a protective barrier over the popped pimple

Once the pimple has been popped and you have treated the area, it is time to let it heal. It is not uncommon for the spot to appear bigger, or bolder in color after it has been popped (even if you treat if properly), though this will soon dissipate as your skin heals. Just ensure to keep you skin hydrated.

Other Things You Should Know About Popping a Pimple

When learning what to do after popping a pimple, one should also consider the fact that on most occasions it is better to leave the pimple alone. The tips above are great for anyone who has already popped their pimple, but if you haven't, then it would be best not to. This is because the downsides to popping a pimple, such as spreading bacteria (and possibly producing more pimples) or creating scars, far outweigh the positives – removing a blemish that will heal naturally without being popped. That being said, if you simply must pop the pimple, you should at least ensure to do it properly:

1. First ensure that your hands are washed and clean

2. Next, quickly pop the pimple by placing a finger or thumb at either side and applying light pressure

3. Clean and secreted puss and proceed to follow the tips outlined in the section above

It is important to remember that not all pimples can be popped. If you find it difficult to pop a zit on your face then it is important to not force it. Applying too much pressure and popping a pimple that shouldn't be popped will increase the chances of the negative occurrence previously mentioned herein. You should also avoid scratching or picking at the area as this will drastically increase the likelihood of scarring. Now that you have learnt what to do after popping a pimple, you are well prepared to restore you skin back to perfect health.


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