The noises women make in bed can vary from a whimper to a scream to a moan - but have you ever wondered about why it happens? The reason behind it may be surprising to you, because those noises might not always be a sign that she’s feeling good. Don't believe? Keep reading on to know the reasons.

Why Do Women Scream During Sex?


Automatic Reaction to Pleasure

This one is pretty obvious and the main reason why a woman screams during sex - it’s the body’s natural response to pleasure and feeling good. When the sex is good, moaning can be an involuntary response, almost like pulling your hand away when you touch something hot.


Automatic Pain Response

The inverse of the above point, in this case, a moan or a scream may be because something is hurting. Whether it’s a cramp or things have gotten too intense or the angle is not right, usually you can tell the difference between a noise caused by pleasure and one caused by pain, right?


Turn Him on More

Moaning can help get him in the mood, even while you’re just kissing and haven’t even gotten naked yet. It lets him know that you’re ready to ramp things up and will get him ready to focus his attention on you.


Ramp Up Sex Drive

Sometimes making noise can help get a woman in the mood. If she had a stressful day, it can be difficult to separate oneself from those stresses long enough to enjoy sex. So why do women scream during sex? A little fake moaning can help remember that she doesn’t have to worry about those things in the bedroom, at least for that moment.


Make Him Feel Better

Silent sex can make anyone feel like they’re not doing a good job, so a lot of noise from a woman can help a man feel like he’s giving her a good time. Men are responsive to the noises a woman makes in bed, and it will keep them enthusiastic if they feel like the woman is into what he’s doing. As long as he doesn’t think you’re faking it, it’s a good way to keep his confidence high.


Help Change Things Up

It can be a little off-putting to direct a man’s actions in bed, so this is another reason women scream during sex. Moaning or screaming when he does something right can help him keep doing the pleasurable things for the woman. That way when you’re quiet or making noises of discomfort, he knows he should alter his technique or the posture.


Move Things Along

Sometimes sex can feel like it’s taking forever, or it can be over so quickly for him that you didn’t get anything out of it. Either scenario can call for the “faking it” moans or screams, so that nothing will be awkward for either party. Sex can’t be mind-blowing every time, and this can help move it along.


Slow Things Down

Make sure things don’t peak too early by strategically making noise. Sometimes a lot of intense yelling can make him finish faster, which doesn’t leave much pleasure for you. So why do women scream during sex? This is just a strategy that can help make things good for both of you.


No Silent Sex

Staying quiet can take more effort than making noise. Plus the silence can be unbearably awkward. Any kinds of noises of pleasure can help keep both of you in the mood and from ruining the moment.


So to summarize, as the above reasons to "Why do women scream during sex" listed, women use noise to make their partners feel good and keep them in the moment of sex. A British study found that more than 85 percent of women make noise in bed solely to pump up their partner’s self-esteem.

So for men, it can be really helpful to learn the difference between a fake moan and one made out of real pleasure. You want to know actually quieter noises tend to be real rather than loud, theatrical screams. Getting to know what she likes and dislikes can also help you avoid a faked orgasm or other awkward moments in bed. But if you think she is faking it, don’t say anything. She’s just trying to make you feel good. Just let her know that you want her to be honest with you in bed about what she wants, and what will make her moan in pleasure just for you.

And girls, be brave and show what you really like to help both of you enjoy one of the most wonderful thing in the world.


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