It shouldn't be a surprise that men find older women more attractive than their 20 something competition. Older women are more mature, have more experience, and possess a number of other admirable traits that make them more appealing, so men are more intrigued by older women. If you wonder just why men like older women, you've come to the right place to find out.

Why Do Men Like Older Women?


Older women are independent.

Older women have the experience in and out of a relationship and are perfectly capable of getting along without needing a man by their side. Their independence is one of the most attractive things to men. Men don't have to worry about them being too clingy or needy; older women are comfortable being alone and won't rely on a guy to make them happy.


Older women avoid playing games.

Unlike women in the 20's, older women aren't into playing games like playing hard to get. They are confident in who they are and what they want, so they tend not to be as timid about going after those things. Men don't have to worry about hidden agendas with an older woman because she will be upfront with her feelings and intentions.


Older women know how to hold a conversation.

Most women in their 20's have a short list of things they will talk about. Most conversations tend to revolve around shopping or meaningless gossip. Older women know that carrying on a good conversation is a pillar to making connections and building a long lasting relationship. Because older women have more experience in life, they have more to talk about that will keep the relationship interesting.


Older women have more sophisticated tastes.

Younger women want to go out party, get drunk and be the center of attention. It is no surprise why men like older women who are out of this more rebellious phase. However, remember older women want to go on dates who are more grown up and less college student.


Older women have less drama.

There are many things that women experience in their early 20 that catch them off guard, which tends to make them over reacted and dramatize everything. Where younger women will blow every unfortunate experience out of proportions, like when a friend betrays them or when they are experiencing their first real heartbreak, older women get over it. Older women know how to deal with drama in a calm manner and tend not to lose their cool easily.


Older women make better sexual partners.

Not only do older women have more experience in the bedroom, they are more comfortable with themselves. They aren't insecure in their own skin and enjoy sex as much as their male partner. They are more willing to try new things where more 20 year olds are still too timid and shy to go beyond the basics.


Older women take things more seriously.

Older women know what the important things in life are, so they tend to be less reckless with a man's emotions and time. They will appreciate the time they spend with you and won't take that for granted. Younger women find it harder to take most things seriously which is why they can easily blow off a date and play games - they just haven't gained a clear sense of what they should really value in life.


Older women are more responsible.

Wonder why men like older women? Older women tend to be hard workers and have a better grasp on their finances. They aren't waiting or expecting someone to come and save them from their problems and they don't neglect their responsibilities. She tends to be more well-grounded and have realistic expectations when it comes to different areas of her life.


Older women show more respect.

Trust, honesty, and respect are key areas to a lasting relationship that younger women just do not tend to understand. Older women will be more honest in their relationship and will expect the same in return. She isn't going to waste her time for a guy who is dating multiple women and trying to keep it secret.


Older women have better personalities.

With more life experience, you develop a better sense of who you are and know what you're interested in. Older women not only are more confident but they aren't afraid to show their real personalities. They are looking for someone who will want to be with them. Their experience gives them more interesting things to talk about and this results in a deeper connection.


Older women aren't as worried about having kids.

Many older women have got over the age of wanting to have kids. They aren't rushing to get married, start a family or settling down. Many younger men find this appealing because they are focusing on building their careers and are not interested in being pressured to rush through the dating phases to get married and have kids.


Older women boost your ego.

This one must on our list of why men like older women. Obtaining the attention of an attractive, confident, and mature older woman is something any man would feel good about. Dating an older woman is a huge confidence boost, since as mentioned above, an older woman isn't interested in spending time with just anyone.


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