Experiencing cervical mucus is quite common among women. As women get a few DPO (days past ovulation), they usually find this yellow cervical mucus and suspect it to be an early pregnancy symptom. A yellow or whitish thick, creamy cm is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that normally appears on the time of a missed menstrual period. Variation in estrogen level in the first trimester or other hormonal changes in body cause this vaginal secretion. However, there may be other reasons instead of pregnancy.

Is Yellow Cervical Mucus an Early Pregnancy Sign?

Yes it could be.

Normally, women experience a whiter, clearer, thicker cm during their early trimesters of pregnancy. Experiencing a blood-tinge or brown cervical mucus after six to nine days of ovulation is quite a normal thing. This is nothing but a sign of implantation. The quantity of discharge also increases as you get closer to your missed period. This cervical fluid initiates mucus plug in the pregnant woman’s cervix. The mucus plug keeps the fetus protected from bacteria and other harmful substances. Being pregnant, you will keep on having this colorless and odorless pregnancy discharge.

What if the Mucus is Yellow?

Pregnant or not, a yellow mucus discharging from your vagina is quite normal and you can experience this symptom at any stage of your menstrual cycle. As long as the mucus has no foul odor, there is nothing to worry about. This yellow cervical mucus early pregnancy symptom happens to be alarming and needs medical attention, only if it comes with:

  • Foul odor

  • Vaginal itching and burning

  • Vulvar pain

In a word, secretion of this vaginal discharge is not something to worry about. It’s quite harmless and common symptom of pregnancy. So, if anyone of you is worried about its effect on your pregnancy, don’t! Some pregnant women tend to use tampons to stop it, which is not recommended. You better use a sanitary pad to deal with it.

Types of Cervical Mucus in Different Menstrual Stages

With a little bit of effort, you can determine which stage of menstrual cycle this cervical mucus belongs to. Here is all that you need to know.


The consistency of cm during these fertility days, is clearer and stretchy that easily lets the sperm travel up the uterus and the whole process of pregnancy begins. In case you don’t find any cm all through this time, that means you have not ovulated at all.

2. End of Periods

As periods end, you would notice a dryness in vagina. Even if you find some, it would be lesser in quantity and odorless too.

3. Close to Ovulation

As you keep getting closer to ovulation day by day, your cm keeps getting whiter and stickier. And you would also notice an increase in the quantity of discharge.

4. On the time of Ovulation

In this stage, discharge would be thinner just like an egg white. The quantity of discharge would also be noticeably increased. Some women may experience pink or brown ovulation discharge during this stage. That indicates a small amount of bleeding with the release of eggs. That’s not something to worry about.

5. After Ovulation

Now you are no more fertile. The mucus would be whiter, thicker and stickier to touch. In some cases, in this stage, women may experience a creamy discharge as well.

When Should I Worry about This Yellow Discharge?

As explained before, yellow cervical mucus and early pregnancy can be related, but sometimes if may not be pregnant but have an infection instead.

If you experience any of the below-mentioned sign (pregnant or not), you might be suffering from some vaginal infection. Here is what you should know about these vaginal infections:

  • If you have a yellow or greenish discharge with a foul smell, especially after urination or having sex, you might be experiencing bacterial vaginosis.

  • Vaginal infection can be the result of sexual transmission. It is known as trichomoniasis. In it, you will have a smelly discharge of yellow or green color. Other symptoms include a red and itchy vagina especially when you urinate or have an intercourse.

  • For a bad smelling mucus of green, gray or yellow color, you better run for diagnosis first. Avoid treating it or any other infection on your own.

Make Sure to Maintain Personal Hygiene

Keeping your vaginal area clean and hygienic is very important for avoiding vaginal infections. Here is what should be done for its hygiene.

  • Wash regularly

  • Wipe from front to back

  • Wear cotton under wear and change them daily

  • Don’t use fragrant soaps, toilet papers and pads

  • No tight pants

  • Avoid using feminine hygiene spray

  • Avoid douching. It may increase the risk of vaginal infections

Note: If you are pregnant or even if you suspect so, douche is not an option for you. Douching, through vagina, can cause air to enter your circulatory system. That may result in air embolism and that is a great risk for life.

Others’ Unique Stories about Yellow Cervical Mucus

“Finding that yellow cervical mucus early pregnancy symptom was terrifying. But it had no odor, itch or pain, just a lotion type yellow cm. So, everyone said it’s normal. Once implantation is done, you begin to have a mucus plug functioning to protect the fetus. So, I was quite relieved."

“I started to have a lot of thick, yellow discharge that increased day by day. It sounds weird, but I stretched it to check the consistency. It was quite like a snot. But later, it turned out to be a BFP (big fat positive).”

“I had this strange looking yellow cm. I used to check my cervix, but was never able to differentiate between high, low or soft or firm. That all was so confusing, so I had to give up on all of that. But yes, I happened to be pregnant.”


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    Well I started off last night decid d to have sex with my husband I'm on day 22 of a normal 26 day cycle. Went to clean up and seen some blood not a lot. Spotted a little but not enough to really go on my panty liner... then mid day had severe cramps for 2 hrs. Cramps stopped when to use the potty and decided to check. Washed hands of course and then stuck my finger up there to check and came out some yellowish extremely tacky discharge. Will let you know if it is confirmed if i am or not.
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