Before being established as an all-around spice and dessert enhancer, cinnamon has been used by numerous cultures and cuisines since ancient times. It’s known for its health-enhancing properties, such as, detoxing your body, lowering blood sugar, promoting weight loss...well, the list goes on. And another way to prepare this delightful spice is by creating a warm, soothing tea that goes with your breakfast staples. Cinnamon tea is pretty easy to make and it has a gentle sweet and spicy taste that you’ll surely enjoy. Today we will be citing the important benefits of cinnamon tea and all the wonders it can do to your wellbeing.

Benefits of Drinking Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea has a lot of great benefits that’ll leave you in awe and preparing it in this way will help you maintain lots of its healing properties. Also it’s easier to digest, so in a short time, you can see the benefits that it brings to you.

Good for Diabetics

While talking about the benefits of cinnamon tea, we surely cannot leave out the wonders it could do for people who are suffering from Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Just a cup of cinnamon tea can help stabilize blood sugar levels. It’s best to drink it while fasting and after your meals, since it optimizes your body’s ability to process glucose.


Good for Weight Loss

Since cinnamon tea is able to curb your blood sugar levels, you’ll have less insulin in your system, which allows your body to store less fat. This would eventually lead to weight loss with continued consumption. With just two cups a day (one at morning, and one at night), you’ll notice a great difference and feel less bloated.


Good for Digestion

This beverage also does wonders to your gastrointestinal tract, as it reduces stomach gases and stimulates saliva and stomach acid production. With this in mind, it also helps prevent ulcer formation and other discomforts such as nausea and vomiting.

If you have IBD or irritable bowel syndrome, then you can count on cinnamon tea to regulate your bowels. It contains dietary fiber, calcium and iron, which combine with bile salts to remove them from your system effectively, protecting your colon.


Good for Regulating Menstruation

Cinnamon tea is a natural remedy for regulating PMS and all the pains that you normally experience during your period. It also helps regulate your cycle, so if you have an irregular one, then it’s best to try it.


Good for the Heart and Circulation

One of the benefits of cinnamon tea that has been well known is that it’s able to reduce one’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, meaning a decrease in the risk of atheroma and thrombi formation, which all affect the heart and blood vessels.


Good for Your Immunity

Flu season is something so uncomfortable, but with cinnamon tea in tow you’d never have to worry. It’s a natural antibiotic which helps your immune system fight back - it reduces inflammation, aids in relieving flu symptoms such as headache, migraines and runny nose and lowers fever. It’s something good to drink when your body needs a boost. It can be good for your allergies too, especially when you’re a chronic sufferer.

Aside from minor ailments, cinnamon tea can help lower your risk for cancer because of its antioxidant content. It inhibits tumor growth and DNA damage and also encourages cancerous cells to self-destruct (called cell apoptosis).


Good for Cognitive and Brain Function

Cinnamon has protective antioxidants which help defend the brain against age related disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. By activating neuro-protective proteins, it stops brain cells from destruction and mutation, so we are able to add more fulfilling years to our lives.


Good for Your Joints

Cinnamon tea is a good home remedy to reduce swelling and pains of the joints caused by arthritis and rheumatism.


Good for Your Teeth

Extracts in cinnamon is effective to protect your mouth and teeth from the bacteria which can lead to bad breath, tooth decay and other unwanted infections.


Good for Your Skin

Cinnamon has anti-biotic and anti-microbial functions that can help protect your skin from allergic reactions, infections, rashes and irritations. What is better is that the combination of cinnamon and honey, which are beneficial to skin health.


Good for Your Tastes

Since cinnamon has natural sweet taste, it can be used in your recipes to reduce the consumption of sugar, hence lowering the glycemic load of your meal. According to one of the benefits of cinnamon tea mentioned above, we have already known that it has anti-diabetic effect and helps lose weight, and the use of its sweet taste is an added benefit.


Good for Fighting Allergies

Compounds found in cinnamon are effective to relieve allergies symptoms, as it can fight histamine reactions in the body and reduce inflammation. Likewise, it can also relieve asthma symptoms.


Good for Food Preservation

Of all the benefits of cinnamon, this one is less known by people. Cinnamon can be used as a preservative in many foods because of its anti-bacterial and antioxidant effects.


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