You need your hands and fingers especially to help perform a range of task from the work you do outside to the daily chores you need to do inside your home. When the functionality of your fingers become hindered, this can make even the smallest task impossible. For instance, when you have popped or broken blood vessel in finger, you can experience swelling, pain, and inflammation, which makes it's hard to do daily things. You'll want to continue reading to learn how you can manage this type of issue.

What Causes Broken Blood Vessel in Finger?

Blood vessels can break in the finger for a number of reasons. 

  • Typically when the finger is hit off an object, jammed in a door or caught between a tool, like a hammer, this will cause the vessel to break in the injured area.

  • Old age can also increase the chances of broken blood vessels. As you age, the skin becomes more flexible and loose which results in the skin being more susceptible to bruising.

While in most cases, when a blood vessel breaks the individual is fully aware of what might have been the cause, but there are also instances where these broken blood vessels seem to appear for no reason.

  • High blood pressure can be one of the most common reason blood vessels in finger break for no reason and should be examined by a medical professional.

  • Achenbach syndrome is a rare skin disease that primarily affects the palms and fingers. This disease can cause blood vessels to break as well as inflammation, swelling, and even pain.

  • Certain cancers like leukemia present a number of symptoms which include broken blood vessels.

  • Other infection or diseases could be responsible for blood vessels to mysterious break in the fingers.

  • Strep throat and some bacteria infection can also cause it.

  • If you are on any medications, chemotherapy, or radiation these too can cause blood vessels to break as one of their side effects.

How to Treat a Broken Blood Vessel in Finger

There a many ways to treat blood vessels in finger that have broken and often, this issue will resolve itself with these home remedies if not due to medical problems.

  • To help relieve the pain, apply a cold compress to the affected area.

  • Apply warm compresses to the area to help the pooled blood to be absorbed.

  • Certain pain medication can also be taken to help reduce the pain, but you should consult a medical professional before doing so.

  • Aspirin and blood thinners should not be taken as these will only aggravate the area further.

  • Avoid activities that can cause further damage such as contact sports.

  • If you tend to pop the blood vessels in your finger because of a recurring activity, you should do your best to try to avoid this activity.

If broken blood vessel in finger is a common occurrence, you should consult you doctor to rule out any underlying health issues and to best find a treatment that will work best for you.


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