This is the term commonly used for female ejaculation which can occur during climax. Many men see this as the ultimate goal in sexual intercourse, though others may not agree. This article will give you various people's opinion on the matter.

Do Guys Like Squirting?

The answer truly does vary between individuals. That being said, the fact that one of the most popular search items on one of the most popular pornographic websites is ‘squirt’, would lead you to believe that a lot of people do like it. Just remember that squirting is not exactly common, and women can have a sensational time in bed without squirting. It is not something that should be focused upon or sought after, rather just the product of the perfect combination of timing and arousal.

Why Do Many Guys Like Squirting?

Do guys like squirting? Yes, some definitely do. One of the main reasons behind this could be due to the fact that a woman squirting can be seen as proof of an orgasm, helping to not only show that she was sexually satisfied, but to also satisfy the ego of her sexual partner.

Many women have admitted to faking organs, ejaculation is much harder to fake, helping to reaffirm a woman's sexual satisfaction.

The fact that squirting is so popular on pornographic websites, meaning that's if they browse such sites they will likely see the videos and think that’s the best way to pleasure a woman.

Why do Some Dislike Squirting?

Some may know their partners so well that the can be assured that they are fulfilling them sexually, meaning they have no need for reaffirmation.

The fact that it is messy may also cause some to dislike it. Considering it is often unexpected, it can be hard to prepare for and create a bit of a mess on your sheets.

When asking – do guys like squirting? You should also take a woman’s view into account. As squirting is not very common, putting pressure on a woman to squirt will likely make it harder for her to do so. The sensation is also similar to that of peeing, so it may cause embarrassment at first.

What Others Say about This

“Squirting levels the playing feels for me in terms of sex. It's not just us men who shoot something out when we orgasm, but women too”.

“I've gone down on a woman before and had the pleasure of being “squirted” in the face, I can't say it was the most sexually arousing experience but at least I knew she was enjoying herself”.

“I personally don't mind if a girl does or doesn't squirt. I like to be open, and feel that I can talk to my partner about our sexual desires without putting pressure on them”.

“I have made a few girls squirt before and when they say they've never done it before it sure makes you feel good”.

“The first time I squirted it felt like I was peeing. I thought to myself – do guys like squirting? Have I just completely ruined this by covering him in my vaginal fluids? Turns out he was ok with it”.

“I love it. Definitely the best I have ever felt in the bedroom was when I made my partner squirt”.

“If it happens then great, I have no problem with female ejaculation, if it doesn't happen, then that's perfectly fine too”.

“As long as you are both happy, who cares if she squirts?”


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