Ever woke up feeling like you just gobbled the entire McDonald’s menu? Gas and bloating are some of the most uncomfortable feelings you can experience. Research shows that most people pass gas between 12 and 25 times a day. Having a ballooned belly doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It could be caused by certain health and lifestyle factors. However, diet is often to blame for your protruding tummy. Below is a list of some of the foods that can lead to buildup of gas.

Foods that Make You Bloated


Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli

These are calciferous vegetables that contain raffinose. This is a sugar that often remains undigested in the stomach until after it has fermented. This process leads to the production of gas, which makes you bloat. To reduce bloating as a result of eating these vegetables, you can cook them. This helps soften the fiber and shrink the portions. As a result, less space is taken up in the GI tract.


Beans and Lentils

Lentils and beans contain a class of indigestible sugars called oligosaccharides. These sugars can cause gas and bloating. To make them less of a problem, use them as omelet fillers, soup additions and salad toppers. Avoid making them the main meal on your plate.



Pizza is one of the foods that make you bloated. While it might be delicious, it is packed with salt and fat which are known for causing bloating. A single slice of pizza can contain about 750mg of sodium and 17g of fat. Too much salt in your diet can cause water retention as well as temporary weight gain. Fatty foods delay the process of emptying the stomach. This is a horrible combination that can leave you feeling bloated for hours. If you throw in some cheese, you have a disaster in your hands especially if you’re sensitive to dairy products.


Pears and Apples

While these delicious grab and go fruits are packed with soluble fiber that’s great for losing weight, they are known to cause bloating. The problem is that they have too much fiber. This does not bode well for those with sensitive stomachs. To avoid having to deal with a bulging belly, cut your serving size by half.



Onions are definitely some of the foods that make you feel bloated. They contain complex sugars called fructans, which are a class of oligosaccharides. Unfortunately, the small intestine is usually no able to break down these sugars causing bloating and gas.



If you drink too much alcohol, then that could explain why you’re always feeling bloated. Alcohol causes water retention and has a diuretic effect which causes dehydration. Dehydration encourages water retention making the condition even worse. If you must drink alcohol, make sure to take copious amounts of water in between drinks.



Love soup? It might be the cause of your discomfort. You need to take a closer look at the ingredients. Look out for sodium which is a major bloating culprit. If the soup contains between 750 and 1100 mg of sodium, your kidneys won’t be able to expel it fast enough. As a result the salt sits in your bloodstream causing water retention and bloating. To avoid this, go for soups that contain less than 600mg of sodium.


Dairy Products

If you react to lactose, then you’re likely to experience bloating if you take any dairy products. This happens when lactose in Greek yoghurt, milk or cheese is malabsorbed in the small intestine. It travels to the large intestine and ferments. This causes gas and bloating. The only way to overcome this problem is to cut down on dairy products.


Milk Alternatives

You might think you’re safe if you avoid milk and take alternatives instead. However milk alternatives such as almond or soy milk are some of the foods that make you bloated. This is especially so if they contain carrageenan – a derivative of sea weed that can cause inflammation, ulcers and other stomach problems.



It is hard to imagine a backyard barbecue without corn. .This yellow vegetable can cause problems in your mid-section. Corn contains a carbohydrate that the body finds difficult to digest. This can cause fermentation causing gas to be trapped in the belly. This leads to bloating.


Diet Soda

The carbonation in diet soda combines with the artificial sweeteners can wreak havoc in your stomach. The sugars remain undigested in the stomach leading to the production of gas. This is what causes bloating. Cut down of soda if you want to avoid stomach discomfort.



Spinach is rich in highly soluble fiber content. This makes it perfect as an addition to salads and sandwiches. The fiber can cause bloating in those with sensitive stomachs. Spinach also has naturally occurring sugars – oligosaccharides. This only compounds the problem. To minimize the negative effects, blend it into smoothies since it becomes easier to digest after it has been broken down. You can also sauté the spinach with olive oil or cook it to break down the indigestible parts.


Button Mushrooms

While mushrooms are quite versatile, they are among the foods that make you bloated. They’re rich in polyols, which are sugar alcohols that are difficult to digest. If eat too much you might experience bloating and sometimes they can have a strong laxative effect on you.

Other Factors that Causes Bloating

  • Bad habits If you smoke and don’t work out, you might have to deal with a bloated stomach more often than not.

  • Laziness If you’re not moving much during the day, then you can expect to struggle with boating since the gas in your tummy won’t move too.

  • No waterlack of adequate amounts of water can cause indigestion, which can lead to bloating and gas.

  • Eating too fast When you eat too fast, you swallow more air which causes or worsens bloat.

  • Using a strawwhile it might feel great using a straw for your morning protein shake, it can cause bloat. When you use a straw, you swallow more air than you normally would. This increases distention and gas in your tummy.


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