While women are mostly unpredictable throughout relationships, men tend to be it, too. It is not uncommon for a boyfriend to suddenly bring up this exciting yet terrifying situation where your inner voice squeaks, "He wants me to meet his family?!!" The thoughts that begin then are no less than an adventure on a roller coaster.

What Does It Mean If He Wants You to Meet His Family?

With the increasing number of complexities in relationships these days, there are certain things that remain constant with love. Such is the idea that there are some signs showing a guy is really into you and is looking forward to a future with you. When he wants to introduce you to his family, you must be assured that he is intending to take your relationship to another level of commitment, trust, and honor. No man will ever take a casual girlfriend to meet his parents, unless he really wants her to become a part of the family in the near future. Check out the following signs that could also mean he is really serious about you and your relationship. 

  • He wants to introduce you to his friends.

  • He compliments you openly and proudly, while making extra efforts for you.

  • He stays in contact with you through the day, even if it's just picture messages here and there to keep you involved in his life.

  • He likes personal gifts rather than just expensive gifts, but doesn't mind spending on you.

  • He goes with your choice when deciding on what to watch whether at home or at cinema.

  • Another important sign other than "he wants me to meet his family" that shows his commitment is that he likes being around you all the time without always wanting to get physical.

  • He is not always getting you in bed, but instead, let you make the first move because he respects your space.

  • He likes cooking delicious meals for you, and doesn't order you around to set the table for him.

  • He can easily be himself around you and express his personal thoughts on all subjects with you.

  • He considers your advice about his dressing and appearance.

  • His gestures are respectful for you. He would hold your hand in public, pull your seat out for you, and be a gentleman all the time.

Etiquette You Want to Know Before Meeting His Family

You must be very nervous now, but don't worry, with tips below, you are sure to give his family a good impression.

A Like-able Gift

When you are visiting his parents for the first time, it is not a good idea to show up empty-handed, even if your boyfriend insists on doing so. Depending on your time of visiting them, you can take flowers, a bottle of wine, or a good book for them.

Blend In

Don't be the odd one out by dressing too different from their style. Ask your boyfriend about his family and get to know their culture and style before you meet them. This way, you can dress according to them. It's safest to be formally dressed on the first visit.


His mother must have done some efforts to welcome her son's girl to their home, which is easy to neglect when you are already too caught up in your nervousness. Compliment her on little things like the meal she has prepared to make her happy.

Get Friendly With His Siblings

Want to know "what to do when he wants me to meet his family?" Remember this. While you're trying to impress his parents, do not ignore his siblings. In fact, and especially if his sister or brother tends to be near your age, you can quite easily get along with them and become friends!

Show Him Love

It is recommended that you show him the same love and appreciation in your relationship, also on that table where his family is. Their liking for you will automatically increase when you say how proud you are of your boyfriend a.k.a their son.

...Don't Go Overboard

Know your limits. Your parents wouldn't like if he gets too intimate with you in front of them, right? So wouldn't his parents. Hence, keep the emotional attachment and love on the table, but avoid physical intimacy when you're there.

Clean Up with Them

They have welcomed you warmly, and to pay them back with respect, help with little chores around the house like washing the dishes or preparing meals. This would make his family like your involvement.

Obey the Family Rules

Every family has a different culture, and smaller things lead to bigger ones, so never straight away refuse any of their family trends. Go and blend in with how their lifestyle is, no matter how different it might seem to you.


Don't sit their with your lips zipped as it may portray disinterest. Instead, talk about yourself and then ask about the family's interests and memories once the basic backgrounds have already been talked about.

Write to Them

"I had always wanted to meet his family but was as surprised as you were when he actually said he wants me to meet his family." Every girl loves this experience, and because it went wonderfully well, how about finishing it off with a post-visit hand-written thank you note to tell the family in a special way how much you loved being with them?


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