People fall in love every day all around the world. If there is a language that all humans have in common, it is love. Despite its normality, falling in love is a very extraordinary experience. There are fears and ‘what-ifs’. There are dreams and excitement. There are so many beautiful outcomes that can result in a happier you. It feels like the person who falls in love and gets love in return has found the true meaning and purpose of life, but how do you know you love someone? Check these signs that will tell you that.

15 Signs That Show You Love Someone


You Can’t Stop Talking About Them

All your conversations have transformed into nonsensical rants about how they have not yet texted you back, or little episodes of hopping while you’re talking to your friends about how they smiled at you in class. You talk about them all the time and it doesn’t tire you, however, your friends might have a slightly different opinion since you have bored them too much these days.


You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

You are thinking about him/her all the time and every little thing brings back a memory about them, then you know that your crush is developing into more than ‘just a crush’. This reminds me of a friend who has recently been falling hard for this guy, and when I gave her a glass of water, she screamed, ‘Oh my God! He drinks water, too!’


You Are Trying to Become What They Like

Changing yourself completely for someone is not a good thing to do, but a few changes in your wardrobe or your drinking habits are cute ways to become the dream-guy/ girl of your lover. If they are a fan of football and you have joined the school’s football team to impress them, looks like someone is willing to go overboard to prove their love.


You Can’t Hate What They Love

When you are falling in love with someone, you start finding interest in things that interest them. It is a sign that you care for not only that person, but for everything that they care about. If you have started watching Game of Thrones – whole seasons in days – just because they were talking about it the other day, then that’s a gesture of love right there.


You’re Blending in with Their Family

It isn’t easy at all to impress parents and siblings of your lover, but if you are making efforts and compromising a little of your will every now and then for their happiness, then you are definitely making room for yourself in your lover’s life and family. How do you know you love someone until you know them and their family, right?


You’re Lost in the Present

You may have spent a lot of time drowning in the aftermaths of a break-up, or you may have wasted years dwelling in the past, but since that person has entered your life, your wounds seem to have healed. You hardly think about what has gone because you’re too busy in what you’re feeling in the present.


They Are Your Future Plan

Everyone does not make unrelated person in the future plans, so if this person is all over your present time and has entered your future plans, you are making them a bigger part of yourself than you may have initially thought. When you start dreaming about your future with them by your side, that’s when your love is getting inevitably strong and beautiful.


They Are Your Drug

You have often heard that love is a drug, and it indeed is! Love activates the part of brain that responds to drugs, and thus, results in similar symptoms such as sleeplessness, lack of appetite, and a racy heartbeat! Feeling butterflies in your stomach? Well, that is your brain dancing to your new drug: your lover.


So Far Yet So Close

It started out as a regular relationship and everything was perfect, but then you both found yourselves in a conflicting situation. A fight that hurt you both or any mishap that should have made two people distant has actually resulted in more understanding and a stronger bond between you two, which is a major sign of compatibility.


They Are Different Than the Rest

How do you know you love someone? Well, you think about them as a unique person and think they have something that no one else has, a spark that you can’t see in anyone else. It has been scientifically proven that our brain focuses all our attention to that one person whom we are in love with.


You Can’t Let Them Go

The love of your life has found you and you have developed a nice bunch of feelings for them, among which, feelings of fear are starting to root up now - Loving someone can make you afraid to lose them, because you may never be the same without them.


Just a Thought Cheers You Up

Nothing can put you off like working overtime, or coming home with no food. You may be having a really bad day, but whenever their thought comes to your mind, you feel better. Your bad day doesn’t seem too bad anymore when their thoughts and the hopes of being with them again are flooding your mind.


You’re Them (Emotionally)

When two people fall in love, they become one soul. They feel each other’s pain like no one else. When the person you recently befriended has been hurt and it hurts you just as much, looks like your souls are connecting on a better level than ‘just friends’. Even your heart rates attempt to synchronize with the person you’re in love with!


Their Memories Are Now Yours, Too

If you saw their childhood photo and instantly felt the urge to squeeze their cheeks and listen to their baby wails, you might be falling a little more than the person he/she currently is. You want all of them. You want to listen endlessly to their stories, and that twinkle in their eyes now can be seen in yours, too, because their memories mean so much to you.


They Cannot Disgust You

How do you know you love someone unless they vomit or fart around you, right?! It does sound weird, but according to research, people become less sensitive to disgusting things when they are with the person they love (or when sexually aroused). When your spouse is sick, you clean them up instead of being grossed out by the mess they make.


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