It is said that change is the only permanent thing in life. It is only human for one to want to make a change in their life every so often. Change can come in different ways. You may be looking to make changes in your work environment, in your personal life, or even in every area of your life. Regardless of your age, it is possible to make changes that impact your life positively.

How to Change Your Life


Start With Small Steps

Before a baby can walk, it first has to crawl. Once the baby can walk, they can learn how to run. This is the same process with changing your life. It is important to understand that change can be achieved in small bits.

Start by changing your daily routine. You need to know that your current circumstances are as they are due to your daily routine. It starts from the time you wake up, everything you do during the day, how you do it up to the time you go to bed.

Start by changing the way you do things. Even the slightest of change can make huge difference. Change the route you take to work, take something different for breakfast, or start exercising. You will realize that small changes have a way of making your life more interesting as it adds variety to your day to day activities.

As you make the small changes, always ensure that your new habit is a positive move towards your ultimate goals, which should be to change your life for the better.


Come To Terms With Where You Are Now

One of the things this life has probably taught you is that things come and go, people leave us, and sometimes life will feel good and sometimes not so much. It is important to accept that these are things that will happen as you go through life. Once you accept the things that have already happened, you can now make changes to make your life more fulfilling.


Stop With the Excuses

How to change your life? You need to identify the excuses you always make and find a way to put a stop to it. You can come up with mechanisms for dealing with your excuses in order get things done. Force yourself to make the changes necessary. Instead of finding excuses not to go to the gym, create a compelling reason go for going. If you think you watch too much TV, or spend too much time on social media, put a stop to it. Come up with beneficial activities to do in place of the bad habits you are trying to get rid of. While it won’t be easy, you have to force yourself to keep at it.


Have Goals

One of the best ways to find motivation is to set goals you would want to achieve. While you might be tempted to set big goals, it is more advisable to come up with smaller manageable ones that will eventually lead to your ultimate goal - changing your life. If you are looking for a better job, set to send out an application and an introductory letter every day. If you are looking to lose weight, start by signing up for gym membership and go at least twice a week. Increase the number of days you go to the gym gradually until you can go every day. If you are looking to start dating, improve on your social life and put yourself out there. Starting small is the best way to create a habit. Create a base habit to support you, and then build on that.


Become Accountable

One way to become accountable is to get an accountability partner. Find a friend and tell them about what you’re planning on doing. Once they know about your decision to better your life, they will make a point of checking on your progress. Also, telling people about your goals is a sign of seriousness. It shows just how determined you are to achieve them.


Come Up With a 1 Year Plan for Your Life

Making plans for the future is a great way to ensure you follow through with your new habits while keeping the year’s goal in mind. Determine what you want to achieve during the next one year, then five years, and even ten years. Start with the first year plan. If you follow through, it will ultimately lead you to the next goal, which is five years away. As you learn how to change your life, you will cultivate beneficial habits that will ensure your success in years to come.


Get Mentors

It is advisable to get mentors who will support, guide and inspire you as you look to achieve your goal. Mentors should be people who ideally believe in you more than you do in yourself. It is also advisable to find mentors who have succeeded in the areas of your life that you struggle with. This way, they can offer guidance and correction as they support you in your life changing journey. With the right mentors, you will improve on your self-confidence and are less likely to quit.


Consider the Risk and the Reward

Going back to school, quitting your job to go into business, travelling the world, moving to a new place - all these are great changes to make, but come with a lot of risks. It is important to take into account your needs and your wants. Decide what you can live without and cut it off. This is especially important if the changes you want to make in your life affect your finances. Think about your goals, the risks involved in terms of how much you’re needed to sacrifice and make plans to accommodate the changes.


Ignore the Naysayers

There will be people who will try to discourage you. It is important to remember that you are doing this for you, not for them. You know best how these positive changes will help your life and this is why you need to make the changes. Make the bold move as you learn how to change your life. With time, you will realize that it was worth the effort as you will lead a happy and healthy lifestyle far much better than what you had.


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