In the summer, you may find yourself working out more often. With the ability to swim, run, hike or bike in the warmer weather with ease, you are more fit and energetic. Once the days begin to shorten, it becomes harder to get out of bed early in the mornings or do anything in the evening aside from curling up to watch a movie. When winter comes, many people fall off their regular exercise routine and if this is something you're guilty of, then you'll want to learn just tips and suggestion listed here to exercise in the winter to stay in shape.

How to Exercise in the Winter

Outdoor Tips

It might be hard to find the motivation to get outdoors when the snow starts to fall and the temperature drops, but there are plenty of activities that you can do that will keep you in shape. As long as you stretch before heading out, dress appropriately and stay safe, you can try any of these activities to stay fit during the winter months.

· Skiing or snowboarding

There are plenty of winter sports you can do to stay active even when there’s snow on the ground. Skiing and snowboard are two sports that will give you a great cardio workout and won't seem like your doing much working out. While these are two great ways to stay fit, they can be more challenging to learn if you’ve never done it before and can cost more than some of your other options.

· Ice skating

Ice skating is a great aerobic exercise that is low impact. Taking up this winter activity can help you improve your muscle performance which will make running and yoga in the warmer months much easier. Just remember to dress warm and take lessons if you've never ice skated before to avoid injury.

· Snowshoeing

How to exercise in the winter? Snowshoeing can be done by anyone who has a pair of good snowshoes. This isn't your common everyday winter activity, but if you get a lot of snow and have great hiking trails nearby, this is one activity you want to consider. It is simple to learn how to snowshoe even though it can be a challenge at first. To help keep your balance, use a set of poles at first and doing some squats or lunges every ten minutes to keep the muscles in your legs loose.

· Play in the snow

You don't have to head outside with the intention to just exercise, get outside to play! Making snow angels, building a snowman, going snow sledding or having a good snowball fight are all fun and easy ways to exercise in the winter.

Indoor Tips

The goal to sticking with a workout routine indoors during the winter months is finding something you like to do as well as keeping fitting in exercise. If the cold weather makes you want to hide under your blankets all day, then try these indoor activities that will keep you warm and fit.

· Take the stairs

If your office building has stairs, take them over the elevator. Running or walking up stairs is a great way to get in some cardio and give your legs a great workout.

· Indoor sports

There are a number of spring and summer sports that you can still play during the winter months just indoors. Basketball, hockey, soccer or even kickball are all sports you can sign up to play when the weather is cold to help you stay active.

· Find a mall

If you live in an area that still has a mall, then you have the perfect place to go to get in a workout. Malls make great locations to walk or speed walk which are great cardio workouts. You can add weights while you walk either by wearing them on the ankles or walking with a set of dumbbells.

· Workout from home

How to exercise in the winter? It doesn't mean you have to leave your house. There are a number of at home workout programs you can do or just simply search online for videos of workouts to do while at home. Besides, add in exercise whenever you can try like doing jumping jacks or squats as you watch TV during the commercial breaks or lunges as you mop or vacuum the floors.

· Take a class

From spinning classes to dance class and even kickboxing classes, there are so many classes you can sign up to take at your local gym. A class setting may be a great option if you need to have additional motivation from others to push you a little harder during your workouts. Try out a few classes and then stick with one you really like. Each class offers its own health benefits and can help keep you looking toned all winter.


· Try something new

What makes working out hard to stick with, whether in the winter or otherwise, is that it is easy to get bored with your workout routine. Trying something new to keep you active will ensure you stick with your workouts and you may just find something you really enjoy doing. If you have never tried skiing, hit the slopes; if you always wanted to try mountain climbing, then start off taking some rock climbing lessons. The key to staying fit and active is to have fun while you do it.

· Get a workout buddy

Know someone who already has a regular winter workout routine? Know someone else who wants to stay in shape or get in shape during the winter months? How to exercise in the winter can be a bit easier when someone else is doing it with you. It might be a good idea to enlist in a workout buddy. Not only will this give you more of a reason to workout but they can be a great way to motivate you and ensure you stay on track with your goals.

· Have fun

Working out shouldn’t feel like a chore, so you want to choose something you will really enjoy doing. The best way to ensure that you stick with your workout routine is to have fun with it!


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