When you are sick, vomiting can be an unfortunate side effect from your illness, but in certain situations, it can be life-saving. When a toxic chemical has been ingested, vomiting can be one of the ways to avoid serious risks and luckily there are a number of home remedies you can use to induce vomiting. However, how to induce vomiting should only be done once a health professional has been contacted since vomiting can cause more damage to the esophagus. This article will inform you how you can help induce vomiting when the situation arises.

Use your fingers

If you have a gag reflex, then you can induce vomiting by sticking your index and middle finger in your mouth. Stick your tongue out and reach your fingers to the back of your throat to where the uvula hangs down. After a few seconds, you should begin to vomit at which time you will want to make sure you remove your fingers from the mouth so that the vomit can come out more easily.

Try using a toothbrush

If using your fingers doesn't seem to be working, you can use a toothbrush instead. Wet the bristles of the toothbrush before inserting it into your mouth. Let the bristles reach the back of your throat until you feel the urge to vomit. Just be sure to either throw out or thoroughly wash the toothbrush once you have used it.

Watch as someone else is throwing up

Many people will have a physical response to seeing someone else throw up, which often leads themselves to throw up. While you may not be able to find someone right next to you who is throwing up, you can easily find a video of someone vomiting online. This method is one of the more natural ways to make yourself throw up.

Spin in circles

Those who are sensitive to motion sickness will find this one of the best ways for how to induce vomiting. Standing up and spinning really fast in circles or sitting in a chair where you can swivel around fast can help you feel sick to your stomach. When the feeling becomes strong enough, you will begin to vomit.

Salt water solution

If you have tried to make yourself throw up but have not been successful, then drinking salt water might be the way to make yourself throw up. The excess sodium chloride often upsets the stomach, making it easy to vomit. Use caution with this method because consuming too much salt can have other harmful effects on the body.


Emetics, like ipecac, is a drug that you can add to your water to induce vomiting. This drug has an effect on the stomach that makes the walls contract which forces the contents of the stomach to go back up the esophagus. While this drug is highly effective, it can also cause some discomforts and may take a few minutes for it to work.

Castor oil

Castor oil is used in a number of household items like ink, soaps, and cosmetics. It can be easily found and typical a tablespoon full of castor oil can help induce vomiting. It acts as a more natural emetic and has powerful laxative qualities. Avoid taking too much castor oil as it can lead to dehydration.


How to induce vomiting? Eating mustard on its own can act as another natural emetic. Mix a tablespoon of plain mustard to a small cup of warm water and drink the mixture quickly. This is not the most effective way to induce vomiting and can take a half an hour before the effects begin to work. Many also find it hard to drink the mixture quickly which can also make this method less effective. However, for someone, it works greatly. 

However, Know Some Precautions

Do not take emetics unless advised to do so

While emetics can be the most effective way to induce vomiting, you should only take them if advised by a medical professional. Emetics can make it more complicated to treat poison which is why they should only be taken as a last resort.

Sometimes, drinking salt water is not recommended

Salt water can cause poisonous toxins to be pushed through the digestive tract, which as a result can cause the poisonous substance to be absorbed quicker. Also, salt water when consumed in large quantities can result in death and additional severe health problems.

Beware of using other home remedies for inducing vomiting

There are plenty of home remedy recommendations that are said to help induce vomiting. Some may suggest eating a large amount of food until you make yourself sick but this can cause more complication. Eating a large amount of food can help poison to be absorbed more quickly in the body and this method rarely works well.

Other harmful substances

There are a number of household products that can induce vomiting, but these are actually harmful substances that you do not want to consider using. Activated charcoal, copper sulfate, atropine, biperiden, hydrogen peroxide, lobelia tincture, doxylamine, scopolamine, and diphenhydramine, which can all be used when considering how to induce vomiting, but they should not be used. These substances are harmful and can cause even more issues and complications.


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