The fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias people have. Getting in front of a large or even small crowd to deliver a speech is something many dread and instantly become nervous about. The size of the crowd tends to have little to do with the fear of public speaking and makes you fear and forget what you want to say. Drawing a blank as you step on stage is something that happens to many and if you want to overcome your fear of public speaking, you may be asking just how to memorize a speech. Once you have your speech memorized, your fear of forgetting it will disappear and this article will help you accomplish just that.

Try These Tricks to Memorize a Speech Quickly


Create an outline

Reading or memorizing a speech word for word will make the words sound less genuine. Instead, you want to create an outline highlighting the most important points you want to cover. Arranging your speech with bullets will allow you the freedom to be more spontaneous during your speech and can even lead to some powerful addition you would never have thought of prior to giving it. Using an outline for your speech will allow the content to flow more naturally and you will be able to easily find what topic you need to address next more quickly than reading word for word.


Record your speech

Before putting your speech to paper to help you memorize it, start by recording it. Your brain tends to move faster than you can type or write, which means you can end up forgetting some key points as you try to map out your entire speech. Use your outline to help you stay in the order with your points and record everything you might want to say during your speech. Repeat this a few times while trying to remember key sentences you want to include each time.


Organize your recordings

Once you have your records, listen to them to write a rough draft of the speech you want to give. While you don't want to have every little detail memorized, you want to have a good bit of the information memorized for each point. How to memorize a speech can be easier when you have your recording as you write your speech because it allows you to spot times when you may be rambling or where you might want to expand more on a point.



One of the best ways to memorize a speech is by giving it visual cues. Because you are more likely to memorize anything through visuals, this is a great method to include. Assign specific visuals for each of your points. Then visualize a scene that will help you memorize the information you want to cover on each point.


Break the speech up

If you are struggling to remember you speech, it can be a good idea to break it up and remember it piece by piece. By dividing the speech into shorter sections, you can remember smaller bits of information without getting overwhelmed by the entire speech. Recite and practice each section until you are confident you have the information memorized and then move on to the next. Each time you memorize a section, review the previous section and add them together. This process can help you memorize your speech in much less time than trying to remember the whole thing all at once.


Continue to repeat the speech

Every chance you get, you want to be reviewing and repeat the speech so you don't forget it. Do not try to memorize your speech all in one day instead give yourself a few days prior to the speech to commit it to memory. How to memorize a speech effectively means continuous repetition. Go over your speech four or five times throughout the day every day at least three days prior to the speech and you will feel more confident with it.



While you have memorized your speech, once you get on stage, it can feel a bit intimidating, which can make you forget everything quickly. One way to help you memorize your speech is by rehearse what you will be doing as you are giving it. The best way to do this is to practice in a mirror and just getting up and giving your speech out loud can help you memorize it faster. When you rehearse your speech, you want to time yourself as you go and focus on the words. Be mindful of how you move your body, what your hands are doing and watch your expression. You might want to also record yourself while you are rehearsing, so you can watch and take notes on points where you sound monotone or need to be more careful about your body language.


Pace yourself

Standing and moving around as you rehearse your speech is ideal because it gets the blood circulating. This can lead to memorizing your speech more quickly. This is a good tip to remember during any of these steps for how to memorize a speech, and if at any point you find yourself feeling stuck, remind yourself to get up and move around a bit. Keeping yourself moving when you feel like you have hit a wall will help awaken the body and mind which can lead to breaking down your wall. 


If you are really pressed for time, you want an incredibly fast and effective way to memorize a speech. This video will show you a simple method that will help you memorize your speech in just five minutes.


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