Everyone cries from time to time and it is completely healthy to cry when necessary, but there are some situations where you may want to hold back your tears until you are alone. While some people seem to have nerves of steel, others find it more difficult to keep their eyes dry. If you are the type of person who will let their emotions be known easily, you might be wondering how to not cry when the situation isn't ideal for crying. To learn some tips to fight off the tears, keep reading.



Take a few deep breaths to take in some extra oxygen. When you focus on your breathing when you feel like crying, you can soothe away the intense emotions that would otherwise cause you to break down in tears.


Distract yourself

Pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth, pinching yourself, digging your nail into the palm of your hand or any other thing that can quickly place your attention on something else can help keep you from crying. Pinching your nose can be highly effective since the tear ducts run down the nose so pinching it can help cut off the tears before they reach your eyes.


Keep something in front of you

If you know you are going to be in an environment where you may be under pressure which can lead to crying because of the stress, arm yourself with a sort of prop. Having a piece of paper or notepad that you can look down at or even write on to distract yourself from crying.



Using visualization to prepare yourself for situations that often lead to you crying can help you feel more comfortable. Picture yourself in the situation and how you will handle it without crying or becoming emotional. By seeing yourself remaining calm and tear free will allow you to remember how you want to react to these situations and keep you in better control of your emotions when the moment arises.



How to not cry? You can stop your tear before they have a chance to escape your eyes with this simple tip. When you feel the tears starting to form, try to blink rapidly to prevent the tears from actually leaving the eyes. Alternate between blinking rapidly and keeping your eyes wide open.


Change your thoughts

One of the most effective ways, yet, hardest way to stop yourself from crying is to change the way you think about the situation that is making you emotional. Instead of thinking about the situation in a negative way, find something positive to focus on, even if it is just a happy moment that makes you smile.


Change your scenery

Sometimes one of the best things is to remove yourself from the situation that is making you tear up. It can help you gain better control over your emotion before returning to the situation. Taking a quick walk for ten minutes can help you feel more relaxed and avoid all the tears.


Look up and yawn

How to not cry without anyone noticing can be done easily with this helpful tip. Looking up helps pool your tears at the bottom of your eyelids so they won't stream down your face. Yawning will also help you shift your focus and reduce the feeling of need to cry. 


Understand why you cry

It is OK to cry when the time is right but often you want to let these emotions out when you are in private and not all situations are appropriate for tears. One way to better control over your tears is to think about why you actual cry in certain situations. Most often people find they cry more when they are stressed or feel like they are being attacked which is due more to misunderstandings. After knowing that, you can handle the emotion better. 

Learn from Other People's Experiences.


My best tip to keep from crying is to simply smile. I really exaggerate the smile to fight back the tears and it makes me actually feel better about the situation.


It may not be the healthiest tip to stop yourself from crying, but I will often yell at myself in my head. I will even call myself names to talk myself out of crying.


The best way I keep myself from crying is to completely shift my focus to something else. Whether it's something in the actual room I am in, something I have to do later on in the day or what I am having for dinner.


The best advice I can give for how to not cry is to cause yourself to have a different emotional feeling. Most times this is typically in the form of slight pain. I will pinch myself or press my fingernail into my arm or bite my lip or the inside of my cheek. It works well. 


What I realized is sometimes you just have to acknowledge that you are just more emotional than other people. I tend to cry in all types of situations for no real reason, and when I owned up to this fact more often, I saw that I would cry less.


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