Fear is your biggest enemy. When you can conquer your fear, you can conquer all. However, it is never easy to confront your worst fears and then overcome them. You need to understand that in most cases, fear is just an obstacle in your path and you can unlock your true potential if you learn how to overcome fear. Let's find out what you can do in this regard.

Ways to Overcome Fear

Sometimes, fear is useful because it keeps you alert and even keeps you out of danger, but it can also keep you from getting what you really deserve in life. Here are some ways to help overcome fear.

Get Familiar with Symptoms of Fear

Fears can manifest them as phobias, but you need to know that there will be some symptoms when you feel scared or anxious. Some common symptoms of fear are dizziness, elevated heart rate, anxiety, and sweating. You may also feel detached or feel like you may die.


Take Time to Calm Down

You should not make any decisions when you are flooded with anxiety or fear. You have to take some time out to relax your nerves. You can bring things under control by distracting yourself. A short walk around the block, having a bath, or simply making a cup of tea can distract you for long enough to calm down physically.


Learn to Breathe Properly

When you experience signs of fear, you can pay attention to your breathing pattern to bring things under control. Deep breathing can help deal with sweating palms and a faster heartbeat. It can also help distract your attention and make it easier to learn how to overcome fear. Simply place your hand on your stomach and take slow, deep breaths to feel better.


Learn About False Beliefs

In so many cases, your fears are caused by catastrophic thinking or false beliefs. It means that it is not right to think that every spider that you see is harmful or is going to harm you in any way. You have to identify that pattern and learn to change your irrational thinking. You will feel more in control when you start to question those thinking patterns. Make yourself realize that the worst-case scenario is highly unlikely. Learn to talk back to yourself when fear arises and you will find yourself in a better position to overcome your fear.


Engage with Your Fear

Of course, you cannot push yourself to face all your fears, but you can train your mind by engaging with those fears in a gradual way. Even verbalizing your fears can help you overcome fears. It means that you may want to see a spider first and tell yourself that you are scared of 'this' particular spider only. You will feel much better when you see a different spider after a few days. It means that you have labeled your fear to one specific spider instead of all of them. So, do not run from your fears because it is never going to help; instead, verbally engage the fear to get things under control.


Visualize a Blissful Place

One great way to learn how to overcome fear is to learn how to imagine yourself being in a happy place. The idea is to distract yourself from your fear and regain control of your system. Visualization can greatly help reduce stress and keep you from feeling anxious. You can picture yourself walking on a sandy beach or simply think about a happy memory from childhood. Just think about whatever makes you feel happy and you will be a different person when you open your eyes again.


Pay Attention to Basics

In order to overcome your fear, you need to do the basics right. You have to get enough sleep every night to relieve stress and anxiety. It is equally important to have a healthy diet. Ensure that your diet does not include loads of sweeteners, additives, sugars, and other chemicals. And be sure to include some exercise in your routine to feel better. Do the basics properly and it will make you feel stronger, both mentally and physically. And you will be in a better position to fight your fears. Just never try to self-treat anxiety by taking different drugs or you will end up making things worse.


Try Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

The technique involves tapping meridian points on your body with the help of your fingertips while thinking about your specific fear. Doing it regularly may actually help alleviate and sometimes eliminate the fear altogether.


Try Hypnosis

You can always try hypnosis to overcome your fear. The technique involves learning how you can eliminate negative thoughts from your mind and think positively. Once you have changed those negative beliefs associated with your fears, you will no longer have to feel scared of those objects or situations.


Start Writing Your Journal

How to overcome fear? Try this! The idea is to let it all out and write what you feel about a certain situation or object. By writing about your fears, you will get an idea about your irrational thinking and you may even be able to change those thinking patterns.


Take Advantage of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP helps you learn how your brain works and how you can make certain changes to your thought patterns. And once you get a better idea of the way your brain functions, you can make certain tweaks and eliminate fears, phobias, and other emotional problems.


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