Booster Juice started as a small juice and smoothie bar in 1999 in Canada. Since its beginning, it has become an international franchise that now has locations around the world including the United State, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, India, and Mexico. With almost 200 stores worldwide, you might be wondering whether Booster Juice is healthy like it claims to be.

Is Booster Juice Healthy?

With only 2 to 3 calories in most Booster shots and around 200 to 500 calories in each shake, Boost Juice seems to be healthy options. It is promoted as being a better alternative to snack foods or fast foods both before and after workouts.

With four servings of fruit that include wheat grass, protein, and various herbal supplements, you may think Booster Juice has to be healthy but, with all these fruits, the sugar content in each smoothie is higher than you will find in other drinks. And you will find it hard to find the same nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in most other energy drinks in the market.

Is this enough to answer the question "Is Booster Juice healthy"?

You may like to check the chart below to know detailed information about Booster Juice.

More Foods You May Think Healthy But Actually Not

While you may have been wondering just how healthy Booster Juice is actually, you might be surprised to learn about some other misleading foods. This list consists of foods that most people think are healthy but are actually filled with preservatives, sugars, fats, and calories which are bad for our body.

Fat-Free Flavored Yogurt

Fat-free doesn't equal healthy. Most flavored yogurts can contain as much as 15 grams of sugar in each small serving. Your best option is fat-free plain Greek yogurt. You can add in your own fruit and honey so that you control what is in it.

Dried Fruits

Many people believe they are making a healthier choice with dried fruits which most are made by adding extra sugar and sulfur to give it a more sustainable shelf life. While it seems healthier because dried fruit does have fiber, minerals, and vitamins, your best option is to choose fresh fruits instead.

Blue Corn Chips

Blue corn chips have been a favored healthy alternative to white and yellow corn chips, but the truth is they are not much different. They actually contain similar amounts of fat, calories and sodium as most other corn chip varieties have.


Aside from asking "Is Booster Juice healthy?" you may be asking whether smoothies are healthy. While they can be healthy when made with fresh organic ingredients, most contain additional sugar, high calories and can include unhealthy ingredients like chocolate syrup or ice cream.


Many people think that if they switch out the standard bread or bun for a tortilla in a wrap, their lunch becomes healthy. Unfortunately, most tortillas alone can contain high amounts of calories. When you add in the sauces that most come prepared with, it quickly becomes an unhealthy option filled with calories, processed meats, sugars, and fats.

Gluten Free

Many people are giving a gluten free diet a try to live a healthier life. The problems are most gluten-free products are processed and packaged, so they can be just as unhealthy as their gluten-filled options. If you want to gluten free foods, you're better off sticking with fruits and veggies.

Pre-Packaged Frozen Diet Meals

They seem more convenient and are labeled as being a healthier option but these frozen meals are filled with unhealthy ingredients. From preservatives to high amounts of sodium, these meals can be worse for your diet.

Veggie Pizza

Pizza is never a healthy meal but some think that ordering a veggie-filled pizza over the pepperoni and sausages makes it a better option. Most veggie pizzas add on the extra cheese and oil soaked veggies to give them more flavor. So will you still order it next time?

Wheat Bread

Most wheat bread products are deceiving. They are simply marketed as wheat bread but actually only contain very little amounts of wheat flour with the majority of it consisting of white flour. If it doesn't say 100% whole wheat and contains at least 2 grams of fiber per slice, then you're buying white bread at a higher price.

Diet Soda

When considering drinks, you may wonder about "Is Booster Juice healthy?" or "Should I stick with my diet soda?" Well, just because it is labeled as diet doesn't make it healthy. Most sodas, diet or not, are filled with artificial flavors and ingredients. These drinks can actually cause you to eat more calories during the day, so it is best to just cut these from your diet altogether.


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