When you're pregnant, you might experience having a number of unexplainable dreams, but can any of them have a more significant meaning? Dreaming of a baby with a big pink bow in their hair might get you giddy because you might be expecting a little girl and the dream makes you think she is on the way. But you might also question how accurate your dreams are, then this article will cover just that.

Dream of Having a Baby Girl While Pregnant: Is That True?

While dreams can be telling of what your subconscious may be thinking or feeling, they aren't able to predict the future. When you dream about a specific sex of your baby, this doesn't mean you are going to have a boy or girl, it does mean that you favor one sex over the other. This, however, may not be the case for everyone. Some women have been able to predict the gender of their baby based on what their dreams revealed while others got it wrong.

  • My husband and I both had dreams that we were expecting a baby girl. We already have two girls so we were actually really hoping for a boy. Even the mother in law told us she had a dream that we were having a little girl. We didn't think it could be a coincidence that we all had dreams of a little girl, but in the end we had the little boy that we were hoping for. -Amber

  • We didn't find out the gender of our little one until she arrived. Throughout the pregnancy, everyone thought it was going to be a boy but I had a dream that it was a girl and sure enough that is what we ended up with. -Betty

  • I am pregnant with my third child and recently had a dream that it would be a little girl. Considering that with my previous two pregnancies, I also had a dream of having a baby girl while pregnant I am certain that this one will be a girl as well. -Jamie

  • I have had the most realistic dreams about having a boy during my entire pregnancy. All the details, scents, textures everything about the dreams have been so real that I was 100% positive that I would be having a baby boy. We found out two weeks ago the gender of our little one. We are definitely having a little girl. -Terra

  • I haven't had dreams about having a boy or a girl baby, but I have had many dreams that were filled with pink. Pink houses, pink horses, pink penguins, so of the most random things in my dreams have been pink. I just found out the other day that we are expecting a baby girl. -Tina

Interesting Time

What Can Be Related with Baby Gender?

You might not be dreaming of a little boy or girl, but your dreams could still be giving you clues as to what you can expect to have. The chart below shows that you might be able to determine what the gender of your baby might be depending on some of the other objects or things in your dreams.

Baby Boy

Baby Girl


Snakes, dragon, dragon head, bull, pig, sea turtle, tiger, rooster, riding a wild horse, being chased by a dog.

Carp, butterfly, doves, mandarin duck, dragon tale.


Fresh fruits, crop farm, eggplant. Bamboo, chrysanthemum, muskmelon.

Fresh flowers, cherry blossoms, willow tree, plums.


Cucumber, dates, peppers, jujube, potato, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrot, ginseng.

Pak choi can be a good indication that you dream of having a baby girl while pregnant.


Tsunami, big waves, lying in the mud, soil, pebbles, climbing a mountain, snow storms.

Holding the moon, large round moons, clouds that are pink, calm rivers and lakes, open fields, or seeing yourself praying in the sea.


Cup made of silver or gold, rings, gemstones.

Rings that are gold, gold jewelery, many gems.

Other Dreams Meanings When Pregnant

  • Water dreams

Dreaming of water will often relate to your emotions or feelings. Seeing dirty or murky water indicates that you are unsure of your feelings while clear water means you are certain of your feelings and stormy water and waves typically represent that your feelings are about to change about something.

  • Photography and nature dreams

Dreaming about things in nature or that happen in nature often represents ideas or goals you have in real life. Many times these goals or dreams have been given up in your real life and your dreams are telling you need to learn how to handle not achieving these goals. When you see yourself taking photos in your dreams, this represents that you are trying to get a better perspective on how to achieve these things.

  • Insects and small animals

It may be odd but dreaming of giving birth to a small animal indicates that you will love your baby unconditionally. Dreaming of a spider, however, reveals there is an emotion struggle in your life taking place.

  • Traveling

When you dream about taking a trip, you are dreaming about the journey into parenthood that you are about to embark on. Whether you dream of having a baby girl while pregnant or dream of a boy, if you are traveling in your dreams, then you are mentally preparing yourself for the journey.

  • Conceiving a baby

Having dreams about conception have little to do with conceiving a baby, but instead represent a creative idea you are bringing to life.

  • Giving birth

Dreaming about giving birth doesn't mean you will be going into labor anytime soon, as many mothers believe, especially later in the pregnancy. Instead, the birth symbolizes that something such as a work project or skill is strengthened or developed in your life, which also requires a great deal of effort or work.

  • Harming your baby

Dreams that you are hurting your baby or that your baby is born unhealthy can be disturbing, but it doesn't mean you will abuse your child. These dreams have more to do with the time you have to care for your child and the conflict you are having with prioritizing everything in your life.

  • Leaving your baby somewhere

Dreams of forgetting your baby often mean you are thinking about all the things you will be giving up once the baby arrives. This can be your career, hobbies or social life.


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