The single parent family is not so uncommon anymore. With the high rise in divorces, people delaying marriage, and many going against the traditional marriage route, there are many reasons why children are being raised in a single parent home. Then people begin to discuss and pay attention to single parent family advantages and disadvantages. This article will discuss just that.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Children in Single Parent Family


  • Children in single parent families tend to mature earlier since they witness the hardship that comes from being in a single parent family. This allows the child to handle disappointment better as well as understand the importance of the relationships he creates. Since single parent children tend to take on some of the same responsibilities as the adult in the family, they can also be more responsible.

  • They gain a better understanding of community. Because single parents tend to rely more on the help from others, the child or children will learn that they can find many support systems outside of just their family. Children are often introduced to a variety of organization, friends and other family members who they learn they can go to for help.

  • Most children from a single family home will have a stronger bond with their parent. Bonding with a child when there is only one parent can be easier since and this can help the child express his emotion or feelings more openly. When a child forms a strong bond with the mother (or father) through simple everyday activities like watching a movie, shopping or walking to the park, they tend to have more honest relationships in the future.

  • Since expectations are clear to a child from a single parent family, there are fewer arguments. Children who are raised by one parent will not have to worry about conflicting parenting and discipline actions. One of the single parent family advantages and disadvantages is that the child learns to understand what is expected of them and the consequences for their actions at a younger age.


  • Children raised in a single family home can, however, have emotional issues. Without effective bonding, children will argue or fight with the parent who they do not see as frequently. Another problem that could arise that would lead to emotional distress for the child is when one parent tries to manipulate the child to support their side. Additionally, children can become extremely distressed emotionally if they are forced to move because of their parent's separation.

  • Children from single parent families tend to get less quality time with the parents. Many single parents work one or more jobs, which means they are often not able to spend much on one time with their children.

  • They can often find it more difficult to form new relationships. Bonding for a child from a single family home is more difficult and they are more reluctant to get close to others easily.

  • Being raised in a single family home can lead to issues at school. Single parent children tend to struggle with school work because they can feel less motivated to attend school or finish.

  • Since many children are raised on a lower income due to their only one parent, there can be a financial problem. A single parent family advantages and disadvantages include that single parents are not typically able to spend much money on doing activities like going out to eat or to see movies, which can have an impact on the time the parent and child spend together, and sometimes the children’s confidence.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Single Parenting


  • As a single parent, you make all the decisions. You don't need to worry or argue with your partner about how you will raise your children. This may seem overwhelming at first but not having to argue about what school your children will go to, what they eat, where they can go, or what to buy them will be a blessing.

  • You won't have to fight over finances. When it comes to all the things you will need to buy for your child or children and even where you will live so they can attend the best schools, many parents fight over the smallest spending things. When it is just you raising your child, the choice is completely up to you. You will feel more independent and confident in your ability to save and support your family.

  • When you raise a child on your own, you teach them early on how to be a part of a team. Your child will be incredibly responsible and this is a trait that will help them significantly as they grow older.


  • While you get to make all the financial decisions, you will quickly realize money can be a huge struggle. You may have to work multiple jobs just to support you and your child, which can put a lot of stress on you as well as your children.

  • One of the single parent family advantages and disadvantages is that it can be lonely raising a child on your own. As a single parent, you might be more hesitant to start dating someone new and you will miss having someone there to share all the milestones your child works through with.

  • Single parenting can be a difficult adjustment for both you and your children. Children from single parent homes can be more rebellious which can lead to serious trouble when they are older. When it comes to disciplining your child, you might struggle to get them to listen or behave appropriately.


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