Vacation is always exciting. But, when you learn the only way you are getting to your vacation destination is by a long and treacherous car ride, you are already dreading the boredom you will feel, right? Don't worry too much - make use of these things to do on a long car ride! Whether you are heading to the beach with your friends or a historical town with the family, these activities will keep you occupied during the trip.

Riding with Your Friends

  • Seven degrees of separation. This is always a good game to play when you need to pass the time and is always more fun with more people. With this game, one person names two people (usually known celebrities), the other people in the car need to connect these two people by linking them in seven or fewer steps.

  • What not to say. This is a game you can begin at the very start of your long trip and continue through the entire time. For this game, you'll need to pick five everyday words that you will not be allowed to use at all for the duration of the ride. If someone says the word, than they tend to have to add money to a road trip fund jar or be the person to get out and fill the gas and do the snack run to the next rest stop. 

  • Who's in that car. You want to include fun things to do on a long car ride and have a few laughs, then try this one. While driving, pick a car that has a few passengers in it, and make sure everyone gets a good look at everyone in the other car. Each person in the car then takes a turn making up a story about the people in the other car. Who they are, where they came from, where they are going and so on. Then take a vote to see whose story everyone like the most. 

  • Spot your car. The most fun things to do on long car ride are the ones that can last the entire length of the road trip, so this one is a good try. Have everyone chooses an unusual color for a car like pink, neon green, or purple. Every time you spot your color car, you get points, if someone else spots your color car before you, then you lose a point and they get your point. Keep track of who ends up with the most points and buy them a drink when you arrive at your destination. 

  • The movie game. If you and your friends are big into films, this is the perfect game for you. Begin by naming an actor or actress, the next person needs to name a film that he/she starred in, the next person names another actor/actress from the film the second person named and it continuous until you stumped someone. When someone can't name a film or actor or gets it wrong, they can't participate in the next round. Keep playing until you have a clear winner and award them a prize. 

  • Alphabet categories. Don't confuse this game with the traditional alphabet letter game. This game gets more complex and you'll need to do some more thinking. Start with the letter A and one person says a category that begins with an A, then you take turns naming things that belong in that category starting again with the letter A. So if you start with A, the category could be Actors and the first item in that category could be Amy Adams, the next could be Brad Pitt and so one. This is one of the things to do on a long car ride that can keep you busy for an hour or more.

Riding with the Family with Kids

  • Scavenger hunt. Plan this game out ahead and have a list of items the kids can search for while on the road. Keep the list simple, but make also one that will keep them looking out the window and occupied for a while. Include items like cows, horses, churches, specific car and anything else they would be more than likely to spot on the way. Give them a list and let them mark off all the items they find. 

  • State plate game. This is a great game for the kids to play because it doesn't just keep them busy, it's a learning experience too. Have your kids write down all fifty states, you can even have them do this while you are driving in the car, or have a list already made ahead of time. Once the list is made or handed out, let them search for each of the state's plates. When they spot a plate they can cross it off their list. The first one to find all 50 states wins. 

  • Travel journal. Hand out a blank journal to each of your kids and supply them with various coloring items and stickers. Each time you enter a new state, have your kids make an entry about something they saw. This can be a great little keepsake they create from the long trip. 

  • The Alphabet game. Every road trip includes the alphabet game as one of the things to do on a long car ride. This is one that can be great to play for kids of all ages because the rules can be adjusted to meet their abilities. For this game, simply encourage your kids to find every letter of the alphabet as you drive. They have to start with A and make their way in order to Z. This is a game they can play over and over again. 

  • Books. Whether it is something for them to read, color on or a Mad lib, books are a great activity to have in the car for a road trip. Bring a nice stack of books you know each child would enjoy reading and keep them in a pile between them, so they can easily reach them whenever they want. 

  • Little navigator. Give each child a map that they can follow along with during the trip. Every time you enter a new state, you can have them color in that state on their map as they like. You can also have them try to mark where certain cities or landmarks are as well.


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