With summer fast approaching, men and women alike will be hitting the beach, showing their perfect body shape and for women, especially, perfect breast. However, with close to 300,000 women a year getting breast augmentation, it can be hard to distinguish who's are real and who's are fake. Can you really tell the difference? In this article, we'll discuss fake boobs vs. real boobs and how you can know which are which.

What Are the Difference Between Fake Boobs and Real Boobs?


Sometimes it can be easy to identify who has fake boobs by the way they look. Fake boobs will tend to have a bubble look to them. Real boobs, however, have a natural curve from the top to the bottom which is more pear shaped. If her boobs look a little too rounded at the top and have little to no gap between them, they are probably fake.

Shape when moving

Real boobs and fake boobs will not differ in just what the shape is or how big or small they are. Fake boobs won't change shape much when a woman moves around as opposed to real boobs which will flatten and change shape when a woman reaches up or stretches. You can also watch the video below to find the difference. 


While you don't want to go up to just anyone to feel their boobs, if you are questioning whether the person you just started dating has real or fake boobs, you'll be able to tell by how they feel. Fake boobs will be more firm than real ones and look more like solid muscle. Real boobs have a jiggly quality since they are mostly made up of fat. 


When it comes to fake boobs vs. real boobs, where the boobs lie on the chest can be a good indication of whether they are fake or not. Real boobs will tend to be around armpit height, while fake boobs will often be placed higher on the chest.


Having breast implants will leave scars on the body most of which you'll be able to spot if she is wearing a bikini. Scars can be 2 inches up from the belly button, but this can also be due to another surgery like appendectomies. She may also have 2 symmetrical scars just under her breast, scarring around the nipple or near the armpit which is the most obvious.


If it is especially quiet, you may be able to hear the implant moving around. There can be a subtle noise or sloshing sound that occurs when the woman moves.

What Men Have Said About Fake Boobs Vs. Real Boobs

I'm not a fan of fake boobs. I'm more into smaller breast, so big fake boobs just don't do anything for me.

Jared 29

I've dated girls with real and fake boobs of different sizes. I like real boobs better because they are softer and better to hold.

Hunter 31

It's sad that so many women believe bigger boobs will make them more feminine. I'm not a fan of fake boobs, I understand why some women get them, but I don't understand why they go so drastically larger.

Daniel 36

When I see a girl with fake boobs, I often wonder if it hurts because they look so ridiculously big. I don't get why women get fake boobs.

Charlie 33

When it comes to fake boobs vs. real boobs, I like the fake ones. I like a nice big round and perky set of breasts to stare at.

Dan 29

I can't stand the way fake boobs feel. They are so hard and a huge turn off.

Josh 28

I judge a woman with fake boobs. They are typically vain and really superficial; they should be happy with what they were born with.

Collin 30

Fake boobs creep me out. The idea of someone putting silicone filled balloons in their body that could potentially burst? No, thanks.

Sunny 34

I like big boobs. So for me, if they are fake and big, I'll take them over real and small.

Randy 32

Real boobs are soft and better to play with. Fake boobies feel like hard beach balls.

Blair 28

I like real boobs, but I don't like aged real boobs. They sag which I don't like. I'll take fake perky boobs over saggy boobs.

Peter 26

To me, fake boobs give a clear signal that the girl walking around with them is easy.

Hunter 28

I am completely against breast implants. No matter how flat chested you might be, someone out there will love them.

Josh 33

I don't think there is much of a different between real and fake boobs. But, it's been years since I've had any experience with boobs.

Jim 34

I don't like fake boobs. I've only touch fake boobs once and that was enough for me.

George 32

Fake boobs vs real boobs? I like them both! Boobs are hot; it doesn't matter if they are fake or real.

Andy 30

Fake boobs are a deal breaker for me.

Sam 28

I don't like fake boobs. They look so out of place on most girls, especially if the girl is smaller and get extra large boobs placed on her chest.

Larry 31.

I don't have a problem will small natural looking fake boobs. It's the oversized boobs that I can't stand.

Steve 33

Fake boobs look terrible when she gets undressed and even worse if you are having sex. Nothing will turn you off quicker than seeing a set of implants move along as you are trying to get it on.

Nicholas 34

Final Thought

When it comes to getting breast implants, you want them to look as natural as possible. Going to a plastic surgeon that doesn't have the good reputation will only result in regret. While they can help boost your confidence, you want to carefully consider what they will do to your body in the future and how your significant other will feel about them.


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