Great relationships rarely happen overnight. They take time and commitment and are built on respect, trust, attraction and compatibility. We all date a number of people on our search for the right one, which means there are different types of relationships you'll find yourself in. When it comes to finding a stable and long lasting relationship, you should understand just what these different relationships can be like, and that's what we'll discuss through this article.

20 Relationship Types You'll Experience When Looking for The One


The perfect romance

This is the type of relationship about everyone strives for. In this relationship, there is compatibility, love, passion and a desire to put the effort in to make things work. It is one of the hardest relationships to find, but is the only healthy and truly happy relationship you will find yourself in.


The almost perfect relationship

Everyone adores this person and for good reason. They are the prime example of “marriage material”. They have a great career, are kind, fun to be around, and you can talk to them for hours. A little pity is that certain something that gives you butterflies or puts a smile on your face every time you hear his name is just not there.


The long distance relationship

Everyone wants this kind of relationship to work and at first, they can seem fun. You get to visit them and you never get bored of one another because you don't get to spend as much time together. Eventually, these relationships end because it becomes too much of a burden and you get to the next stage of your relationship where neither of you is willing to move to be closer to the other.


Just friends

You like being around each other and connect on a number of different levels, but there is no sexual attraction. These are great relationships if the feelings are mutual.


All about the sex

The opposite of a just friend relationship is the one that is strictly just about the sexual attraction you have towards each other. You don't connect on many other levels and you don't really have an interest in doing so. You will spend plenty of time in the bedroom, which is the only time you spend with one another.


Benefits relationship

These types of relationships begin with both of you as friends and you realize you have an attraction for one another. You sleep together with no strings attached and agree that you'll be friends with benefits and nothing more. Unfortunately, one of the two always ends up have more feelings for the other.


The just for show relationship

At least once, you might find yourself in a relationship with someone because of their luxurious way of life. They are rich, have an exciting career and are incredibly attractive. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get into a relationship with someone who lives a lavish lifestyle, but for many, unless there is an actual connection, it won't work out for long-term.


The older relationship

If you or your partner is at least 10 years older than the other person, then you are in an older relationship. It can be difficult to make this relationship last because of the varying maturity levels and the fact that the two of you are at different stages in your lives. While some of these relationships last, most end when the younger person has changed and realizes they want different things from their life.


The convincing relationship

This relationship can be frustrating because you or your partner will spend much of the time convincing the other person how they really feel. You both have your own lives and friends, but there is an insecurity in the relationship that makes one of you think the other is cheating or will eventually leave.


Temporary relationship

Temporary relationships aren't terrible and can be fun. In this relationship, there isn't anything really wrong with the other person but you will miss the spark that could make it something long-term. You'll enjoy each other's company and the sex, but you wouldn't make any future plans with them.


The exhausting relationship

While couples in this kind of relationship appear to be happy, it is often a very tiring relationship. You put a lot of work into the relationship, such as making changes for them and accompanying them to various event and social interest. In fact, you have little interest in these. You both want to make the relationship work, but you put in more work for something that isn't going to lead to love.


The after-a-serious-relationship relationship

The rebound relationship rarely last for a long time. You will most likely get into a couple of these relationships simply out of fear of being on your own or to avoid dealing with the pain of a recent breakup.


The complicated relationship

Among many types of relationships, you both know there is trouble between you two in this relationship, either because someone is cheating or they don't have the same feelings. Instead of ending it or trying to sort out the problems, the two of you are leaving the problems there. You both just stay together while neither of you is really happy. 


Open relationship

When it comes to open relationship, there is a lot that can go wrong. This kind of relationship gives you the freedom to sleep around with other people. If neither of you are emotionally invested in each other, then the relationship can work, but typically only for a short period of time.


Independent relationship

In this relationship, neither of you put the other person before themselves and it isn't even a priority to take the other person into consideration. There is no compromise or sacrifices made and the relationship simply survives because of convenience.


Codependent relationship

When you are in a relationship where it is impossible for either of you to function without the other person's help, you are in a codependent relationship. This relationship can leave you feeling anxious or depressed when your partner is not around. Because you rely so much on this person, you don't act like your true self and will make unexpected sacrifices just to keep them happy.


Unconditional love

You may truly love your partner, but unfortunate they do not have the same intense feelings for you. You may seem to be perfect for each other, but there are frequent fights and a lot of resentment. While you may want this kind of relationships to last, but your partner just doesn't have the same feelings.


The emotionally connected relationship

You may not realize you are having this kind of relationship with someone because it can seem innocent enough. You or the other person is most likely in a committed relationship, but you share an emotional connection with them. These emotional affairs will often excite you when you know you are going to see the other person so you'll share intimate secrets with them, or when you stop to think about it is probably a relationship your significant other wouldn't approve of.


Controlling relationship

This isn't the healthy relationship to be in, and often times, the red flags to a dominating relationship can be subtle and easy to ignore until you've been with them for a while. In this kind of relationship, you have no say in anything and have to follow the rules they set. You'll be told who you can hang out with or talk to and where you have to go or are allowed to go. The worst part is you won't ever feel comfortable speaking up against their demands so you just go along with what they say.


Toxic relationship

Toxic relationships can be the most thrilling yet mentally, emotionally and physically draining one among these types of relationships. While you both may be extremely attractive to one another, that may be the only thing you two typically have in common. Your values, morals, opinions and lifestyles can be so opposite that all you end up doing is fighting.


Final Thought

Your perfect match is out there, even if you have been through a lot of these stressful and not so pleasant ones. Have faith that one day, soon you will find the perfect romance that will make you happy forever.


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