Water is one of the most important constituents of our body. It comprises nearly 50% of a woman's body and 60% of a man's body. It is such an important constituent that you could survive weeks without food but barely 5-6 days without water. What is particularly important to take note is the fact that we lose water continuously through perspiration, urine and the like. So what happens if you don't drink water? Quite understandably, the body tends to suffer and the various body functions are severely hit as a result of this.

What Happens If You Don't Drink Enough Water?

There are many side effects of insufficient water intake, and frequently its impact goes beyond what is apparent.

Get Constipated

What happens if you don't drink water? Getting constipated is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems associated with low water intake. The bowel movement can become extremely painful and often difficult if you don't drink enough water. Water helps your body to clear out the digestive tracts and push the waste material to the bowels. The absence of requisite water sometimes leads to urine deposits in the body as well along with constipation. 


Feel Lethargic

This is another impact of insufficient water intake. You feel continuously tired and never get the energy to do anything, quite literally. Some people can even develop a headache from being slightly dehydrated. Remember that your body cells need the water to function effectively. If you do not drink adequate water, the body has to work a lot more towards generating the additional water needed. No doubt that you will feel tired.


Worsen Your Skin

If you want to know what happens if you don't drink water, just look at yourself in the mirror, and you would know. Lack of sufficient water makes your skin wrinkled and lifeless, because the collagen or elastic tissue in the skin can crack and bind together which leads to the increase of wrinkles. Therefore, get enough water from now on, water can help to keep your skin plump.


Lack of Focus

Lack of sufficient water can result in loss of concentration and focus in your day to day activities as well. Believe it or not, your brain is nearly 80% water, and when you don't get enough of that key component, it can be disastrous. Your efficiency and productivity take a severe hit as a result of this.


Be More Susceptible to Injuries

If you are feeling particularly tired along with body aches, one primary reason for it could be the fact that you take less water. Being sub-hydrated means you are more at risk of hypothermia and more susceptible to injuries.


Muscle Cramp

If you are suffering from muscle cramps during the middle of the night, it is caused by insufficient water intake. Water keeps the body's sodium-potassium balance and help regulate the body's fluid movement. Dehydration, therefore, leads to spasms and cramps as a result of this inadequate fluid movement in the body.


Keep Your Weight Loss Stall

What happens if you don't drink water? The stall of your weight loss can be a major problem. Most of you may think that drinking lots of water may make you look bloated. However, it is actually quite the opposite: if you don't take enough water, you may experience water retention which will give your brain a wrong signal that you need to eat something, such as unhealthy foods or liquids to fill that void. As a result, you may experience a gain in weight. If you want to lose weight, drink more water, because it can help you lower your appetite and burn more calories.


Impact Exercise Performance

The fact that dehydration results in muscle fatigue, therefore, your ability to perform also gets severely impacted in the process. You will not be able to perform the exercise to the hilt and feel extremely tired even with a little efforts. As a result, your overall exercise performance suffers severely.

How to Drink More Water Everyday


Make it a practice to drink water before and after exercising. Re-hydration is an important step when you sweat and lose water during workout.


Keep a bottle of water in your car and workplace so that you can continually sip on it through the day.


Sip some water after every bathroom break. You need to refill your body with more water after getting rid of some fluids.


Drinking water before a meal is very important especially when you are planning to lose weight, which can be an additional boon.


Use a marked bottle which can give you a realistic picture of how much water you are drinking actually and monitor your total water intake through the day.


Try to drink flavored water if you don't like to drink plain water. Some healthy alternatives are apple juice and cranapple juice. Avoid the flavored juice which are loaded with added sugar. 


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