If you have ever asked yourself why you are not enjoying sex as others, then you are not alone. There are many women out there who experience similar problems in their love life, and many reasons why sex can be unenjoyable. This article will detail the most common reasons for why this may be, and give you advice on what you can do to change it, and inject the spice back into your love life.

Why Am I Not Enjoying Sex As Much As Others Do?


No Communication

If you are having sex without communication, it can be difficult to express what feels good and what feels bad to your partner. This lack of communication will make it difficult for you to stop or try a different position. Whilst it's easy to get lost in the action of intercourse, there's nothing wrong with some communication to ensure that the experience is as enjoyable as it can be. Many people like a partner who speak up how he/she feels, which makes the whole process more intense.


The Pill

For some, the answer to the question – why am I not enjoying sex? Could be because of this method of contraception. Taking the pill can help you have a sex life without worrying about pregnancy, but as it affects the hormones within the body, it can also have a negative effect on your sex drive. That being said, whilst some women may experience a low libido due to the pill’s effect on testosterone and estrogen levels, many women have perfectly healthy and enjoyable sex lives. There are some manufacturers who have made attempts to curb the effect that the pill has on sex drive, which may be advisable if you believe you are experiencing this side effect.



If you are depressed, feeling anxious, or have any other forms of cognitive disorders, it can be extremely hard to become aroused by intercourse or enjoy the experience. If you are feeling this way, then try to work on what is making you anxious or depressed, and try to resolve the issue or issues. Seek professional help if you need to, there are many caring professionals who will be happy to help you work through your problems.


Painful Sex

If you have asked – why am I not enjoying sex? It could be due to the fact that the experience is painful. This can be caused by many factors, the most common one being lack of lubrication. Your vagina naturally lubricates itself when you are aroused, though in some cases you may experience vaginal dryness which can cause a great deal of friction and pain during penetrative intercourse. There are many lubricants available that are and perfectly safe and healthy to use, so don't be afraid to implement this during sex.


You No Longer Feel the Passion

There are some studies that show some women who are in long term relationships experience a decrease in sexual desire towards their significant other. This can be solved quite easily and you don't have to find a new love to increase your sexual desire. This can be achieved by spicing things up in the bedroom. Try having sex in different positions, places, experiment with role play and really heat up your sexual experiences.


No Foreplay

Some men may skip straight past the foreplay and jump right to penetration. Whilst this can be ok, it is definitely not the way to have the most enjoyable experience possible. Pleasuring each other in inventive ways before you move on to penetrative intercourse can work wonders in increasing your arousal and overall experience.


Lack of Clitoral Stimulation

Most women find it impossible to achieve an orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. This is why clitoral stimulation is very important. If you have ever asked – why am I not enjoying sex? And wish to try and improve you love life, then try stimulating your clitoris the next time you have sex with your hand or a vibrator.


If you continue to find that sex is unenjoyable no matter what you do, then paying a visit to a healthcare professional may be your best option. They may be able to detect underlying conditions that could be causing your lack of desire and help to treat them.

The following video shows ways that you can make your sex more enjoyable:


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