From all the relations that can exist between a boy and a girl, the one thing that they can never be for quite long is: Best Friends. Now that many of you will be swearing that your best friend is of the opposite sex and it has never been more, we will go through the following list to explain why the answer is always no when you ask "Can a boy and girl be best friends". With all due respect, friendship can exist between a boy and girl, but being "best friends" will only bring them closer to either an end, or the start of something new.

Why a Boy and Girl Can't Be Best Friends?


One-Sided Affection

It is very common, but not very commonly accepted, that when two friends of the opposite sex are close to each other, at least one of them will fall for the other. It is only natural, and that is why no boyfriend would like if a girl has a male best friend, because it is commonly experienced among men that they usually get close to girls (even as friends) who attract them. That being said, and it is still likely for women to fall for their guy best friend since he is already giving them all the support they need. Best friends of the opposite gender are most likely your next partner.


You Are Against The World

We live in a world full of people and it is impossible to ignore that, especially when the people around you start firing comments and questions at you about whether you two are dating, or start referring to you as a couple. Well, while it is always easy to say that we don't care what people think, the fact is that it will still make things weird for you both. What people say does affect relations at least a little bit, because for the answer to "can a boy and girl be best friends?", the most people in the world will not say yes.


What About Love?

Most people who have best friends of the opposite sex face this problem: their partner, for obvious reasons, gets insecure and jealous. To be honest, your partner has all rights to be jealous because to them, you're likable, and they don't want to let someone be so close to you that they may even start falling for you. This type of friendship cannot last long if one of the friends is in a serious relationship, because a friendship that destroys the love life, is actually doing more harm than good.



Being best friends with a guy can bring with it various physical and conversational limitations for a girl, and similarly for being best friends with a girl. Obviously, a girl won't have sleepovers with her guy friend where she can sneak into his bed wearing silk pajamas and expect nothing to happen. Similarly, guys can talk about weird stuff when they're with guys, but they have a different body language with girls. These things make things difficult as "best friends".


"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

No, not actually kiss, but the constant pressure of your peers around you to ask you start dating your best friend will annoy you more than anything. Yes, you get past the "Are you two dating?" questions; No, you both don't have feeling for each other; Yes, you two really get along well as best friends... "Then date him/her already!" will always be echoing your ears because the person everyone knows you are closest to and happiest with is this best friend.


A Flick

Imagine you are both drunk one week end, you walk back to the other's place and in the heat of the moment, you both make out. As gross as it may seem to you right now, our biology works this way, and your hormones can act up any time. There is always a chance of a random, unintended hook up with your best friend, which is a major reason that answers no to "can a boy and girl be best friends". Once the wall is broken between you both, you will either be looking forward to another hookup with the best friend, or be too embarrassed to face each other.


Feeling Neglected

We have already talked about how a girl and boy being best friends can affect their partners, but how does it affect the girl and boy themselves? When either of the friends gets involved in a relationship, they will obviously be giving more time and attention to their lover, which will leave the best friend feeling neglected, often complaining, and then being doubted on for having feelings for the other. These problems arise from jealousy of the friend who feels neglected, and can have effects both on friendship and on the other's love life.


Setting Them Up

You have tirelessly finally put it in everyone's heads that you two are only best friends, nothing more. Now, your other friends will start fishing for a date with your best friend, since you're not dating him/her anyway. As annoying as it is, it can make you lose your friends when you or your best friend refuse to get set up with them. Especially if you're a guy with a girl best friend, you will face this problem the most; and if you're a girl with a guy best friend, your girls will mostly be "accidentally" running into you at the mall and then spend the evening with you.

Now you must know why we give a no to the question "Can a boy and girl be best friends". 


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