Have you ever thought that the way you sleep with your partner can actually define your emotional status with each other? Yeah, that’s true. Not just your body language but your ‘sleep body language’ can also express a lot about couple’s bonding and level of intimacy. As people experience different (good or bad) phases in a relation, their sleeping positions also keep on changing accordingly. Let’s find out about different sleeping positions of couple and decode the hidden meaning behind them.

Common Couple Sleeping Positions and What They May Mean


The Spoon Position

In this position, your partner hugs you in a protective way, lying behind your back. And mostly the newly-wed couples get into that position consciously and unconsciously.

Meaning: That means he is quite protective (or possessive) about you. And you have a relationship with an element of trust for your partner. If it’s the woman who hugs most of the times, that means she totally depends on and trusts the man.


Back to Back and Touching Position

When partners sleep in a back to back position, but their spines or butts are connected to each other.

Meaning: This sleeping position signifies you two as independent individuals with a space of your own. But you still long for the companionship of each other.


Sleeping with Head on the Chest

Normally, man sleeps on his back with face upwards and woman’s head is cradled on his shoulder or chest.

Meaning: This style indicates a decisive man and a dependent woman. According to another theory, such couple sleeping positions are more likely to be adopted by the couple consisted of an older man and a younger woman.


A Back to Back Position with Some Distance

When couples sleep back to back with a little distance without touching of any body part.

Meaning: That means they are in a long-term relationship. Usually the married couples with kids opt for that sleeping posture. It’s quite a normal style that indicates an intimate yet independent relationship where you don’t depend on touching to maintain your relationship.


When Gap Increases

When the back to back position gets an all new shape by an increased space between them.

Meaning: That means your relationship is in really hot water. Or maybe you are close enough to a breakup.


Sleeping Like a Human Braid

Couples sleep with their hands and legs tangled into each other. Just like a braid.

Meaning: That intertwined and tangled sleeping position might be the indication of some newly-hitched love birds who have a strong emotional and sexual bonding. If that is not the case, you are more likely to be a dependent (on each other) couple who can’t exist without each other’s support.


A Face to Face Sleeping Position

When two of you sleep with your faces towards each other and a gap between your bodies.

Meaning: That means your relationship is lacking communication and intimacy. When you can’t speak out your heart in daily routine, this subconscious sleeping position expresses your urge to share and talk, even in sleep.


A Touch of Leg or Feet

Some couple sleeping positions have nothing intimate except lying down with a mere touch of leg or feet.

Meaning: This position is the indicative of long years of marriage or togetherness where couple want their space without losing that intimacy and connection.

Tips for Comfortable Sleep for Couples

  • When you two sleep on your sides, in a spoon position, it can lessen the pressure from your back. Placing pillows between your bent knees will relax your back and knees.

  • A stomach sleeper should use a pillow under his stomach to avoid any possible pressure on his back.

  • Simply cuddle while you are awake and move to your respective sides when it’s time to sleep.

  • Prefer a dark room for sleeping. But if your partner is a late-night animal, you better buy yourself an eye mask.

  • Make sure when you sleep, there is no noise around. No matter how many comfortable couple sleeping positions you try, if there is noise, you can’t sleep. Even a snorer partner can give you the worst sleeping experience. For a situation like this, using an earplug is another best option.

  • If you feel troubled and anxious while sleeping, listen to some meditative podcast to get help in getting a comfortable sleep.

  • For extra comfort, stay warm and cozy.

  • Pick a comfy night attire, preferably a silk night pajama.

  • Make sure your sleeping and waking hours coordinate with each other. If that doesn’t happen, you can ask your partner to use the other room for his nighttime activities.

Some Worst Sleeping Positions

Sleeping positions are created unconsciously and one can’t control them. Sometimes your subconscious gets you in some worst sleeping positions that nobody would like.
  • Sleeping with an Irritating Cover of Hair

Your loving partner would love to be in a spoon sleeping position with you but not at the expense of his comfort. Nor would he like to get itched by her hair all over his face and inside his nostrils.

  • A Strangling Position

If your partner is cradling on your chest or shoulder, you better hold her slightly. Sometimes the arm around the neck creates a deadly headlock, causing your partner to suffocate badly.

  • Sleeping with Wrong Positioning of Hands

Sometimes hugging and tangling with each other bring the most absurd positions. Such wrong positioning of hands may cause a troubled breathing.

  • A Dominant Sleeping Partner

Many times, one partner covers more area on the bed than the other. And the one with lesser space has to suffer the consequences in the form of hanging on the corner for the whole night. This worst sleeping position indicates the dominative nature of one partner over the other.

  • When You Are Sleeping with Your Pet

When you two can’t sleep without your pet, find the best place for it. The space between the couple’s legs should be cat’s sleeping spot. Many times, the pet chooses to sleep somewhere around your head and in worst cases, on your face. So, that can be annoying for the sleeper.


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