Men start going to the gym for many reasons, with the number one reason to be more attractive. Men think the more muscles they have, the more appealing they will be to other women. However, do girls like bodybuilders really? To answer that question you'll want to keep reading. 

Do Girls Like Really Bodybuilders?

There is no definite yes or no answer to this question. Women like all types of men and this varies from culture to culture as well as what age they are or stage they are at in their life. Besides, there are some characteristics that women are more attracted to than just the physique. 

Generally, women will find dominate men, which is the impression they often get when they see a man with a muscular physique, more attractive. This can be the reason why men who are more fit, toned and muscular tend to have a better chance at attracting women. The other reasons may include:

  • Being physically fit also indicates that the man is able and willing to take care of himself because women tend to associate this with hard work and energy. 

  • Women will often feel safer with a man who has muscles because they consider the muscles as a way to be better protected. 

  • Women are also attracted to men with muscles because it can be a sign of having good genes which, is something they will consider if they want to have kids.

However, there can also be the reverse effect on women. If a man bulks up too much, or far beyond what is typically normal, women tend to look the other way. Women find overly exaggerated muscles unattractive and are actually grossed out by it. When it comes to the answer "do girls like bodybuilders", there’s a line that some men cross that leads to a definite NO. 

You can refer to the following pictures to know which the most attractive physique of men is. 

What should also be noted is that men who maintain a lot of muscles tend to have higher levels of androgen. This can often lead to infidelity as well as violent outbursts. There are a few others reasons women are not that interested in this kind of men, just keep reading.

Women don't like seeing the veins bulging out of your muscles.

For some reason, men seem to ignore or not notice just how much their veins begin to bulge out once they start putting on more muscles. This is one thing women are grossed out about. They don't want to stare at someone who has veins protruding from their arms, neck or even face, it's just not attractive.

Women don't like that you look too big for your body.

It is actually painful for women to look at a man who looks as though they are about to burst out of their skin. If you are bulking up your muscles so much, you will resemble a stuffed sausage and are not attracting women.

Women don't like the off balanced proportions.

Unlike men, women do not really find the small waist big tops look appealing. While men like women with bigger breast and smaller waists, women find this odd. Do girls like bodybuilders? They like men with broad shoulders but aren't attracted much to men who have stack muscles or large shoulders and a tiny waist.

Women don't like the fake tan.

Most bodybuilders don't just focus on bulking up, they are put a lot of attention in their tan as well. Men who walk around looking orange, like red leather or an over-cooked hotdog, aren't going to be attractive to most women.

Women like men that take pride in their appearance.

Women do find men attractive when they put effort into their appearance, but there is a fine line between wanting to look good and being obsessed. You want to be fit, dress nice and be well groomed, these are the main things women will find attractive over large, bulky muscles.

Women don't like the narcissism.

True bodybuilders are hard workers who set high goals and display a lot of self-discipline. These are all attractive qualities but do women like body builders and that's all? No. If you are insecure about your looks and that is why you are obsessed with putting on more muscles, women will not find this attractive.

What do women say about bodybuilders?

Do girls like bodybuilders? You may want to hear what women say about it directly. 

  • For me, I like to look at a man with a lot of muscles. I don't find it necessarily attractive, especially if they have veins bulging out of their muscles, but bodybuilders make good eye candy.

    -Jessica, 23.

  • I love a physically fit man. I haven't met a man yet that I thought was too muscular and I find their dedication and determination highly attractive.

    -Alison, 28.

  • Bodybuilders are grotesque. There's a difference between being physical fit and toned and being completely disproportionate. I like a guy who takes pride in who he looks but doesn't have to spend 8 hours a day at the gym to maintain his muscles.

    -Diana, 25.


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