Swelling of body parts especially in the lower limbs is a common health issue. Whatever the reason is, getting rid of it is not that easy. There are a number of pharmaceutical drugs for swelling. But they don’t come without any side effect. To avoid any risk, people are opting for alternative medicines. Essential oils are one of them. Essential oils are not manufactured drugs rather these are extracted directly from plants, following the process of distillation. Let’s learn the benefits of essential oils for swelling.

Why and How to Use Different Essential Oils

Essential oils are effective because of their anti-inflammatory properties. And above all, all of them come without any health risks and side effects.

An essential oil must never be applied directly on the skin. There are certain carrier oils to mix with it before applying. The best choices in carrier oils are coconut oil (cooling effect), olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and sesame oil (it ensures a warming effect, so it’s good for winter season only). These are safe for any skin type.

Note: There are certain medical conditions, including pregnancy, when using essential oils can be risky. So, always consult your doctor before using it.

Best Essential Oils for Swelling


German Chamomile Oil

German chamomile, a blue hued oil, has azulene (anti-inflammatory), that makes it treat the inflamed and swelled parts of body. There are two ways of applying it. Firstly, you can massage (mixed with carrier oil) on the swollen area. Secondly, put a few drops of chamomile oil in hot water. Soak a dry cloth in the mixture and then put it on the inflamed body part and rub slightly.


Tea Tree Oil

Known to be the cure of acne and dandruff, tea tree oil is also considered one of the best essential oils for swelling and inflammation. Unlike many other essential oils, tea tree oil can be applied directly on the affected area. Gently massage with two drops of it, in the outwards strokes to allow the right circulation of the trapped fluids. To get quicker relief, apply it twice a day.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil comes with a woody smell. It’s best known for its anti-inflammatory, sedative and anti-microbial properties. Any inflammation on your knee, ankles or feet can best be treated with its gentle massage. There is another way for the cure of swelling: 

  • Take a bucket half-filled with warm water.

  • Add 2 drops of lavender oil, 1 drop geranium oil and 1 drop of lemon oil, and soak the affected area in it for about 10 minutes (no more than that).

  • For the swelling resulted from insect’s bites, sting or burn, you can pour a drop directly on the wound.

Note: Lavender oil can also be used in cold water, especially in hot atmospheric condition. Pregnant ladies should also avoid its usage in warm water.


Juniper Oil

It’s an essential oil best known for its spicy fragrance and antispasmodic properties. It’s best to use for the swelling of feet and other joint and muscular pains. Fill a container with warm water and pour about half teaspoon of juniper oil with a small quantity of castile soap. Soak your feet in it for about 20 minutes and feel the change. With all other benefits of it, it’s a great cure for the swelling resulted from premenstrual symptoms and fluid retention.

Note: Avoid dipping your feet for a long time. There have been cases of skin irritation resulted from over-exposure.


Eucalyptus Oil

It’s particularly good for the people suffering from muscular and joint pain. But it’s also recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. Rubbing the affected area with a small quantity of it, mixed with carrier oil, is the right way.


Fennel Oil

For the cure of inflammation and swelling, fennel oil can be used by mixing with other essential oils. The most recommended way to cure the inflammation is: 15 drops of fennel oil, 15 drops of juniper oil mixed with 30 ml of jojoba oil. Apply this especially formulated mixture on the swollen area and get the best results.


Rose Geranium Oil

It functions to balance the glands in our body that cause swelling and inflammation. Mix it with any carrier oil and massage the inflamed part. It’s a really effective way of getting rid of swelling caused by trapping of fluids in your lower limbs. Simply add a few drops of it in bath water along with castile soap. Soak the swelling area in the water for about half an hour.


Rosemary Oil

It’s considered one of the best essential oils for swelling, muscular pain and rheumatism. It not only has anti-inflammatory properties but it also regulates the blood circulation. A simple massage procedure with rosemary oil, increases the blood flow and warms the muscles to cure swelling.


Peppermint Oil

Not just anti-inflammatory properties, this essential oil comes with anesthetic and analgesic properties. It not only cures the stiffness of muscles but it’s also good for inflammation resulted from arthritis. For massaging the inflamed part, use just a few drops of it in any carrier oil. The oil naturally comes with an intense smell, once mixed with carrier oil, the intensity would be reduced.


Blend of Grapefruit, Lemongrass and Cypress

Mix 2 to 3 drops of each of them with a carrier oil, 2 tablespoons approx. Apply on inflamed area and massage for about 10 minutes. Repeat the same twice or thrice in a day.


Wintergreen Oil

It’s one of the less known type of essential oils for swelling. It is best known for its pain-relieving properties. But it’s also recommended for inflammation. Just 2 to 3 drops of it in the water are enough to soak (for ten minutes only) the swelled body part. Repeat the same process for 2 to 3 times in a day. It can also be massaged on the pained or swelled area by mixing with a carrier oil.


Note: Using essential oils is a very reliable way of curing swelling. But it must not be adopted as a permanent solution. In case the swelling reoccurs, consult your doctor. Sometimes, swelling can be a symptom of some underlying ailment like varicose veins, liver failure, rheumatoid arthritis and hypertension.


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