Men everywhere find it hard to decipher when a woman is flirting with them or simply being nice. When it's a co-worker, this can be even more of a challenge since you both spend a good amount of time together during the workweek. While it's impossible to be 100 percent sure of flirting behaviors, we've made a list of some female coworker flirting signs that might make it a little easier for you to tell.

Signs That Your Female Coworker Is Flirting with You

She plays with her hair.

This is a telling sign that a woman might be interested in you. If you notice she always seems to be twirling her hair with her fingers, or pulling it back into a ponytail, it can be an indication that she likes you.

She is always walking past your desk.

Does it seem like she always has a reason to walk past your desk? If you have noticed that she seems to be making a few detours just to pass by your work station, she might be doing so just to catch your attention.

She gives you extra praises on your work.

If you both work on the same team and she seems to draw attention to the good work you do, she is sending a clear message that she's taken notice of you. While this isn't always the case if she is your superior, if you are equal employees, then rejoice in the fact that she has her eye on you.

She wants to spend break time with you.

While taking breaks together can just become a daily occurrence, if she puts a little more effort in spending her breaks with you, she's definitely flirting. If she always stops by to get you for your coffee breaks, to go outside for some fresh air or sends you a quick email asking what you're doing for lunch, these are female coworker flirting signs that are easy to figure out.

She brings you coffee.

A subtle female coworker flirting sign can be she drops you off your favorite coffee in the morning. This can be her way of making an excuse to come talk to you without being too suspicious.

She makes sure to sit next to you during your lunch break.

Does she always seem to sit next to you even though there are plenty of other chairs open? This can be her way of getting closer to you in a flirty way.

She touches you.

This can be a more difficult sign to pick up on but the key is to take notices how she acts around others in the office, especially other men. If she doesn't seem to be as touchy-feely with others in the office, she may be flirting with you when she places her hand on your arm or shoulder when you talk to each other.

She seeks you out during office parties.

Whether there are monthly recognition parties or just holiday parties, does she seem to be wanting to spend most of her time with you? If you've noticed you female co-worker hanging around you the most during office parties, it can be a good sign that she's interested in you.

You have an email relationship.

While at the office she might not always have an opportunity to chat with you but she makes time to send you an email during the work day. Emails can be a little misleading when it comes to female coworker flirting signs, but often times you should be able to pick up on a more friendly tone than a professional one if she is trying to flirt with you.

She asks you out to happy hour.

If she regularly asks you to accompany her to happy hour, this can be a clear signal that she wants to get to know you better outside of work. If this is the first time, take her up on her offer if you're interested as well to see where the conversation may lead you. If she wants to know more about your personal life, then it's clear she's interested in you; if she instead talks about her ex or recent relationship disaster, then clearly she's just looking for someone else to talk to.

She gives you more compliments.

If she makes the effort to give you regular compliments that aren't just focused on your work ethic, it's a pretty good sign that she has taken extra notice of you. From compliment on your hair to your shirt or shoes, anything that gives her a reason to start engaging in a conversation with you can be an indication that she's trying to flirt with you.

She keeps her eyes on you.

Does it seem like she is staring at you or glancing your way more than in any other direction? This can be a subtle way for her to not only be checking you out but also to see if you might be looking her way. Whether it's across the office from her cubicle or just when she happens to have to be on your floor, she'll try to glance over at you more often when she wants to flirt with you.

She stops other conversation to talk to you.

Have you noticed that she will drop out of current conversations when you approach to talk to you? Does she seem to ignore anyone else who tries to start a conversation when you are around? These female coworker flirting signs indicate that she'd much rather give you her attention than anyone else.


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