Asking someone out, no matter how confident we are, is something that puts us all in an hour of confused ‘Should I? Or should I not?’ situations. If prom is coming up, or you have got this whole bunch of feelings for a girl in class, or simply are attracted to a girl sitting at the table across you, then you know how nervous you are. However, as Bob Marley said in one of his famous quotes, ‘If she’s easy, she won’t be worth it’, so use these tactics here that tell you how to ask a girl out to avoid embarrassment to have more chances of a positive response.

Step-by-Step Guide for Asking a Girl Out


Do Your Research

You don’t want to waste time. You must know well what you are going after and before you make a move, you must get some information regarding your subject of interest – in this case, the girl. Ask around about her (only from people who you can trust and won’t spread the gossip). The questions you want answered about her include whether she is single or not, and whether she is straight or not, because if the answer is no to either of these questions, then you can’t really do anything about it.


Is She Interested?

Is she a girl you have known for some time, or a long time? Have you both talked before? Have you ever found her looking at you already when you looked at her? Did she smile at you? Has she ever tried to initiate a conversation with you? What is her body language while talking to you, if she did; did she stand closer to you or play with her hair? If you both have never talked, you might want to know first whether she’s into men like you.


Set the Stage

You’re getting closer to ask her out after all your questions have been asked. Then the next thing you need to pay special attention to is the environment. Environment is a significant factor that can affect a girl’s mood and her response. Be sure to set your plan in an environment where she is more likely to be comfortable. If you approach her while she’s shopping for grocery or rushing to her class, then no matter how eager you are to ask her out, the situation won’t reap a desirable response. Instead, try it at a party, or at a place where she isn’t busy.


Groom Yourself

Want to know how to ask a girl out successfully? Well, grooming well is one important factor. Just like you would like a well-maintained girl, so would the girl. Being a man, you might not be too careful of what is in fashion and what is not, but you must know how to look presentable and gentle. The obvious fails of appearance are dirty shoes or too-loud clothes, so avoid them. Keep things simple to look simple but groomed. Wear something that matches the environment, and colors that suit you. You should look classy, not overdone or underdone.


Be Confident

She’s there, you’re there, the environment is set… Now what? This is the time that you prepare yourself to impress her. If you like a girl and want her to like you back, stop chewing your fingernails and hiding away in rabbit-holes, instead, stand upright like a man. Don’t slump or stare down, or cross your legs and arms. We’re talking about asking a girl out, not making her run away, so keep your head high, chest up, and look straight ahead. The posture will show your confidence and attract her more.


Compliment Her

You want to win her heart, so don’t forget making her smile. Initiate a conversation by complimenting her, which is an under-rated pleasure for women. But make sure that your compliments are real and genuine. Be observant and notice her appearance, voice, smile, or anything that can be complimented about her. There must be a feature that attracted you in the first place, so try telling her (confidently) about it.


Keep Your Senses

It is easy for a guy to drool over the sight of his crush, or even easier for his eyes to wander down on her breasts, but that offends women. Women like men who look them in the eyes, and listen to what they say. Make a lasting impression on her by being a gentleman, who is considerate, not desperate, so keep following our tips of how to ask a girl out.


Know What to Say

It is great that you’re in the place talking to the girl you like, but it won’t be so great if you don’t know what she would like to talk about. Initiating a conversation is easy, but maintaining it is the difficult part. If you know the girl already, it would be easier to know what her interests are and you could talk about them. But if you don’t know her well enough, then you should get to know her in this conversation by asking about her likes and dislikes about everyday elements.


Just Say It

Ready for the big part?! Your conversation is going great, so now take a deep breath (obviously without exposing your poor racing heart at the moment) and ask her out. If you feel like you may mess up, then it is best to keep the conversation short and to the point directly. There are several things you can say to her when this time comes, like asking for her phone number, or is she free the coming weekend, or that you like her and would love to take her out sometime.



You have played your part in this effortful act. Whatever the girl’s response is, don’t lose your image, or hope. If she has said yes, do not show your excitement too much. Of course, smile, be happy, and make plans for meeting up, but without sounding too frantic. If she said no, that is okay, you did your best with learning how to ask a girl out, so don’t be harsh on yourself and show her a broken heart. You have made a good impression, so you never know she might ask you out some day later? Till then, enjoy being yourself.


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