When men hit a certain age, attracting a younger woman becomes a significant goal for a number of reasons. Younger women tend to be more sensual and sexy than mature older women, and it is their immaturity that makes them more appealing. They are more energetic and will make men feel more youthful. When an older man is able to date a younger woman, it is also a huge boost to their ego. However, getting the attention of a younger woman isn't always so easy for a man who is older and many times, it is only easily done when the man has a lot of money to throw around. However, how to attract younger women doesn't always mean you have to be rich, these tips below might help you get the attention you are looking for from a younger woman.


Change up your looks

If you have gray hair, a little extra belly fat or wear clothes that are outdated, it will be difficult to grab a younger woman’s attention. Consider dying your hair and working out to be more fit and attractive to the younger ladies.


Take charge

If you don't take the lead, you won't be getting much attention from any woman, young or old. Women like to know their man can take charge, otherwise she'll look at you as being weak.


Be up to date

Attracting a younger woman will mean you need to know more about her generation. The fashion, music, technology and culture of the younger generation can be quite different than what you were used to. You'll need to learn more about these types of things and even embrace them in your own life if you want to date someone younger than you.


Be chivalrous

Any woman likes to date a gentleman. Holding the door open, pulling her chair out or giving her your jacket when she's cold can really go a long way when it comes to impressing her.


Small gifts

Yes, having money will make it easier to attract a younger woman, but then you may think this woman is dating your for your money, nor for who you really are. How to attract younger women may be easily done with lavish gifts, but that doesn't mean you have to cost so much. Giving her small gifts like flowers or gifts that show you are paying attention to what she says will be more meaningful than expensive jewels or clothes.


Don't be something you're not

Trying to attract a younger woman doesn't mean you need to act younger than you are. This can actually lead to more rejection. Instead of acting younger, act your age and play to your strengths like your experience and knowledge. 


Stay focused on your career

There are many reasons why these can benefit you when going after a younger woman. It allows you to limit your free time, so when you choose to spend that time with her, it will make her feel extra special. Focusing on your career also shows your maturity and that you take things seriously; this gives her the reassurance that you are not into playing games and that she can feel secure with you. Finally, focusing on a career obviously give you extra cash to spend.


Don't be boring

Just because you're older doesn't mean you can't still have fun. Women of all ages are highly attracted to guys who are a little more adventurous. Step out of your comfort zone and do something daring with her, go places you otherwise wouldn't go on your own and take charge of planning some exciting things for the two of you to do. This not only will attract a younger woman, but will also keep them interested.


Don't get weird

When an older man acts nervous, it scares a younger woman off. How to attract younger women? Being more conscious of how you act around younger women. You have to find the right balance of knowing when to talk and to be silent, when to be interested and when you are staring at her. Don't let her make you feel unworthy, instead remain confident and avoid being too weird.


Take things slow

As mentioned above, you don't want to come off creepy and making a move too soon can do just that. You want to take things slow even if she is acting interested. Start off as just friends and allow the relationship to bloom into something more romantic without pushing it.


Let her be independent

The best way to send a younger girl running is if you interfere in her life too much. While you want to use your rich experience to give her opinion or knowledge, you want her to embrace her freedom and individuality, too. Refrain from unexpectedly showing up at her job or when she is out with friends. Let her have her freedom and only take part in when you are asked to.


Don't chase her

This is something that is true for a woman of any age, but especially of younger women. Don't chase after her; let her come to you. If you want to get a younger woman more interested in you, let your time be scarce and don't be available every time she calls and wants to see you. It will drive her crazy and most often make her want you even more.


Expect the unexpected

Younger women may be less mature, but this also means their lives will often change as you date her. You need to expect these changes and know how you might handle them. New career, new relationship expectations, new lifestyle and many other things will be a part of her life as she grows into a more mature woman. How to attract younger women will mean taking this into consideration and understanding that you might not be there in her future plans because she will be a completely different person.


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