Kissing is one of those things that many people think will come naturally. So you may be not ever really taught how to do it. Typically, you sort of just learn as you go and hopefully get better over time. While the process can be a lot of fun, if not done right, your relationships can suffer. A number of men and women have admitted to ending a relationship because their partner was a bad kisser! So how to be a good kisser is what this article will focus on so that you can perfect your kissing game.


Fresh breath

One of the first things you need to ensure is that your breath is fresh. Carry mints with you and try to avoid bad breath foods. Skip the seafood and anything with too much garlic and onions as these can be an instant mood killer when you get close to your date. You wouldn't want to get up close with someone else who has bad breath and the same goes for your breath.


Lip balm

Skip the ultra-slick lip gloss and instead, pucker up with a simple lip balm. Lip gloss leaves your lips sticky and kissing someone with lip gloss can be a mess. While you want your lips to be soft, you don't want them to be excessively moist. Lip balm will help keep your lips hydrated, soft and smooth, making them perfect for kissing.


Mimic what they do

One of the best ways to learn how to kiss is to mimic what the other person does, especially if you know they have more experience. Try mirroring what they do with their lips and tongue. If they start off slowly, then you go slow. Kissing can be like an intimate dance between the two of you and this is the best way to learn what they like and what you should do.


Use the tongue sparingly

When it comes to using your tongue while kissing, typically less is more. How to be a good kisser implies knowing how to strike a balance between gently kissing and a little tongue action. You don't want to go overboard using your tongue and end up having a messy make-out session. Your kiss shouldn't be a wet mess, but instead, a sensual experience for the both of you.


Hand placement

Being a good kisser isn't just about what you do with your mouth, the hands play an important role as well. Knowing where to put your hands can really heighten the kiss. Try placing your hands on the side of their face, on their waist or hips or gently resting on their chest. You can also move your hands from the face to the back of the neck or run them through her hair, and from the hips to the lower back. Make the movements subtle.


Be gentle

Unless you are ready to tear each other's clothes off, you don't want to attack the person you are about to kiss suddenly. Keep your kisses gentle at first and slowly build up the intensity. No one wants to go straight for hard core kisses and most often, people are turned off by this types of public display of affection. So know how to foreplay and tease before going in for the actual kiss.


Change it up

Maybe you learned a trick or two that drives them crazy, which is a good thing. However, if you only kiss them that way every single time, it will lose the effect. How to be a good kisser requires you know how to kiss accordingly. You want to be able to change up your kissing style depending on the person you are kissing and what is appropriate.


You have to want to

You aren't going to be a good kisser if you are kissing someone you don't really want to be kissing. If the chemistry you feel for the other person is not right, how can you kiss your date well? Even if you have an attraction for someone, but if you aren't in the mood, you won't kiss very well. 


Don't just kiss the mouth

Kissing is not just about how you kiss them on the mouth. Being a good kisser means you know when and where else to kiss them. Don't ignore the neck, but avoid hickeys. Also, soft kisses on the forehead, cheek, nose or a gentle kiss by the ears can do wonders.


Put in the effort

Just sitting or standing there while the other person does all the work isn't fun for anyone. Don't just stand there with your eyes closed and mouth open like a fish out of water. You have to put in some effort when it comes to kissing, whether it's with your hands or with your lips.


Pay attention to body language

There are some signs you can pick up that can indicate you're doing it right. If they change their breathing to be a little more heavy, there is a slight tremble of their hands, a slow smile after the kiss, and sometimes a little moan, these are all good signs that you're doing it right. How to be a good kisser includes paying attention to what their body language is telling you.


Have fun

Well, with all above-mentioned, kissing shouldn't be so serious. You want to be good at it, but it should be fun at the same time. Learn it by more practice. If making a mistake, just laugh a little and enjoy it!


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