If you ask any boy, he will tell you how anxious he is to be more like a grown man. Young boys want to know how to get manly look because they believe this commands authority, garners respect, and makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. You will see young boys doing all sorts of things to look more macho, but there are some simple things to follow to achieve this. Let's find out more about those secrets.

How to Get Manly Look

Many teenagers and even some men believe that needs an extreme makeover to start looking more masculine. This is usually not the case. You can change your looks and personality by keeping a few simple things in mind.

Improve Your Fitness

You need to get fit to look manly. This does not mean you have to like Conan the Barbarian, but it is more about taking the right care of your body. Everyone admires athleticism. Therefore, it makes sense to start paying attention to your body because you can certain change your physique by spending more time in the gym.


Pay Attention to Your Beard

Many men think that growing out a beard is one simple way to look manly. It is true but it is very important to keep it well groomed, especially if you do not want to face any problem in your professional life due to your rough beard. Keep it trimmed and opt for a more appealing shape. A regular trim is a must, and so is the application of beard balm and beard oil. You can even use beard wax to keep your beard in a perfect shape.


Change Your Wardrobe

You are never going to learn how to get manly look if you do nothing to get rid of your boyish wardrobe. The way you dress tells a lot about yourself. No more college hoodies or clothes with big lettering; instead, get a few knitted pullovers or sweaters. Do not try to be a walking billboard by wearing clothes that advertise their brand names. There is also no place of faded and ripped jeans in your wardrobe – opt for medium blue or dark denim. Also, invest in a well-fitting, tailored suit to look manly. Toss those sneakers out as well and buy something more formal.


Work on Your Posture

Your physical posture plays a big role in making or breaking your look. You cannot create a good impression on someone with your shoulders hunched over and head down, which only makes you look unsure, nervous and withdrawn. Keep your shoulders rolled back with head and chest straight up for a more outgoing, confident, and manly appearance. Spending some time in the gym and doing weight training may help build muscles and improve your posture at the same time.


Consider Getting Tanned

Tanned skin makes it look like you have less body fat. This gives you a more masculine look. While tanning really helps, you really do not have to go the extreme and use fake spray tans. Spending some more time in the sun would do the job easily.


Put On Your Smiling Face

Most men are under the impression that being masculine means you have to dominate people with your presence. That is not the case actually. You have to learn how to be gentle while being firm. Therefore, it is a good idea to smile as much as you can because it exudes confidence and makes you more approachable.


Try to Grow Taller

You can always make a better impression on the opposite sex when you are tall and fit. Interestingly, you can pay attention to certain things to help grow taller. For instance:

  • Eat a balanced diet. Ensure that your diet includes plenty of nutrients, including calcium, zinc, vitamin D, protein, and more. Include whole grains, salads, and fish in your diet and stay away from sodas, cakes, and pizzas.

  • Get plenty of sleep. Do not sacrifice the quality of your sleep for anything. Not getting enough sleep every night can cause serious problems. Your body releases human growth hormone (HGH) during sleep. The hormone helps keep you healthy and promotes muscle growth.

  • Be sure to exercise regularly. You should also spend some time stretching your body to prevent injury and promote growth.


Do Some Manly Actions

Growing up a beard, smiling, getting fit, and eating a balanced diet are all going to help you look more masculine and healthier. However, when considering how to get manly look, you can always do some manly actions that would impress the opposite sex even more. For instance:

  • Try to fix stuff in front of the opposite sex – it could be a car or anything.

  • Consider eating ribs to make you look masculine. It feels primal but makes you appealing.

  • Get those power tools and change tires with them to create an impression.

  • Get a chainsaw and cut down a tree with it to show how strong you are.

  • Just like using a chainsaw, using an axe to cut a tree or split wood would work too.

  • Do not shower for a day or two and let your manly BO grab her attention.

  • Help others who believe certain tasks are too manly for them.

  • Make a woman laugh; it is certainly a lot manlier than you might think.

  • Strip to the waist and swing an ace in the sun to create an impression.

  • Never say no to fixing a flat tire for a woman who is already feeling frightened.

  • Go ahead and carry your woman to bed.

  • Build a fire in the rain and light it using a match.

  • Show the best way to survive anger, stress, and sadness.

  • Do not let a spider go away; squash it with your thumb.

  • Take special care of your young kids, especially daughters to look manly.

  • Maintain your integrity even when you have your own internal weaknesses and struggles.

  • Be successful and earn others respect.

  • Do not lose temper when dealing with bullies.

  • Show some dignity when enduring the loss of someone you love.

  • Stop thinking about what people's definition about being manly is.


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