We rely on our eyes for more than we realize to be able to perform all our daily activities, but most people take their eyesight for granted. Making the time to take care of your eyes can ensure you have years of healthy eyesight. Then how to improve eyesight? You'll learn that with the proper exercises and diet you can start improving your eyesight easily whether you wear contacts, glasses or nothing at all. 

Tips to Improve Your Eyesight


Foods That Can Help Eyesight

Eating the right foods is necessary to maintain healthy eyesight. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins A, C and E. Copper and zinc minerals are also vital for optimal eye functioning. Sulfur, lecithin, and cysteine-rich foods like garlic and onions help keep the lens of the eyes protect against forming cataracts. Stick with yellow, green and orange vegetables like leafy greens, pumpkin, carrots and sweet potatoes that are rich in antioxidants that protect the eyes from sun damage. These vegetables also reduce your risk of suffering from age-related eye degeneration that can lead to blindness. Blueberries, Goji berries, and grapes contain eye healthy antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory as well can aid in improving your eyesight. Try to include coldwater fish into your diet as well. Salmon, cod, and mackerel all contain healthy fatty acids like DHA which supports the cells structure in the eyes.


Resting Your Eyes

Getting enough sleep isn't just vital for maintaining overall healthy; your eyes require enough rest as well. Your eyes need enough sleep to not only rest but to recover and repair themselves from any damage or stress they have experienced throughout the day. You should be resting your eyes for a recommended eight hours every night. Not giving your eyes the proper amount of sleep every day can weaken your vision. How to improve eyesight? It will also require giving your eyes a few breaks during the day too. If you spend a majority of your work day in front of a computer or if you spend a lot of time on your phone, you want to give your eyes a ten-minute break every hour. Also, consider covering your eyes with cucumber slices if you eyes are feeling especially tired.


Eye Exercises

Even your eyes need to get a workout to keep them functioning properly. The following exercises can help improve your eyesight if done regularly and consistently.

  • Palming

This eye exercise is not only beneficial for the eyes but can be relaxing for the whole body as well. To begin this exercise, you want to lay down or be in a sitting position where the elbows can remain propped up on a pillow. The goal of this exercise is to keep the shoulders, neck, and eyes all relaxed. Use the heated palm by rubbing of your hands to cover your closed eyes with the fingertips on the forehead. You do not want to put pressure on the eyes but instead, want to cover them so you see a field of black without concentrating on actually seeing the blackness. Try to think of a happy memory that will allow you to keep your mind and body relaxed. This exercise is a great way to help reduce tension to the muscles of the eyes.

  • Swinging

Unlike palming, swinging is a whole body exercise that can improve eyesight while also reducing fatigue and stress. Then how to improve eyesight by swinging? You will want to begin in a standing position separating the feet by 12 inches and your eyes should be focused straight ahead of you. Keep your shoulder and neck straight rotate your whole body to the left. Your weight should be on the left foot while the right heel rises slightly off the ground. Swing your body to the right side, shifting your weight from the left to the right foot. Allow your eyes to scan the full 180 degrees as your shift the rotation of your body without actually focusing on anything in particular. Try to perform this eye exercise twice a day and swing to each side about 50 times. You can prevent eye strain that occurs while you sleep with this exercise when you perform it just before going to bed.

  • Blinking

Blinking effortlessly throughout the day benefits your eyes in a number of ways. Blinking helps keep the eyes lubricated and cleansed with tears and it allows the muscles of the eyes to relax and rest temporarily.

  • Sunning

Sunning can help those who have light sensitivity while improving vision as well. For this exercise, it is important to keep the eyes closed the whole time. Sit or stand in a sunny spot outdoors. Keep the face relaxed as the sun's light penetrates the eyelids. Performing this exercise will help relieve tension, and reduce eye strain.

  • Central fixation

Improving the central fixation of the eyes will reduce the strain placed on the eyes each time your look at an object clearly. Since when the eye looks at any object, only a small part of the object is in clear focus. This is because to give the impression that the object is actually focused, the eyes shift rapidly over the object to make it seem clear. How to improve eyesight from improving your central fixation then? It is easy. You want to teach the eyes that focusing only part of the object you are looking at is acceptable. You want your eyes to be able to shift rapidly over the object to present the clear object instead of strain to see it all at once. To begin improving your eyes with this method study an eye chart. Train the eyes to look at the top part of one letter and accept the bottom part of the letter as being unfocused. Doing this exercise regularly will allow you to look at things with more relaxation and you will see things much better.

  • Shifting

Shifting is an eye exercise that will improve the motion of your eyes. Since many vision problems can be related to a loss of motion of the eyes, it is important to maintain rapid eye shifting. For this exercise, you want to consciously make the eyes focus on a small section of a particular object. Unlike with central fixation, you want the section you are looking at to be clear and focused and then you want to shift the eyes around the object quickly.

You can also refer to the following video to learn from others' experiences. 


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