Every relationship has different phases of intensity. At first, it would start with so much of excitement and joy. But at a later stage, we usually come across a situation where we feel that the love is fading. The happiness and pleasure we had in the relationship may seem to dissolve. Well, that’s quite natural with every couple. However, if you can put a bit of effort into the relationship, a major disaster could be avoided. So, if you are wondering how to put effort into a relationship, here we have the best and most useful bunch of tips.


Convey your emotions

Let your partner know what you feel. Okay, now don’t just express your emotion straight away; that’s not what I meant. Just say what you feel. For instance, rather than being angry at him, just say you are angry and what made you angry. Sometimes, it’s really hard for the partner to find out the reason for your emotion or fall out. Don’t expect him or her to guess the reason, just say it without hesitation. Be frank and that’s how you become more intimate.


Keep your promises

Okay, if you have given him or her some promise, make sure that you do it. This is how you build the trust. If you are unable to do something for your partner, don’t just give fake promises. Because trust can never be rebuilt if it’s ruined once. Now, it’s not just for promises. Even when you communicate for small stuff like showing up at a date or returning home, make sure that you keep yourself to your word; be on time.


Just be yourself

Okay, this might sound a bit difficult. But that’s the truth and a fact: unless you can be the true you, you will never be comfortable with the relationship. People often believe that their personality or behavior is not impressive. This belief persuades them to act in a different way that they believe, is impressive. But this won’t help you in the long run. Gradually your partner will know that your true self is different and you are hiding it from him or her. And that would end really badly. Just be courageous to express your true self.


Be compassionate

Not just with your partner, to yourself, to the friends and your family. Rather than being judgmental or demanding, be more loving and giving. See yourself at his or her position and try to understand their feeling. Compassion is an emotion very close to love. It’s already within you if you truly love the person. But it demands a little effort to bring it out. So, this is how to put effort into a relationship.


Keep small issues small

Well, I have seen a lot of couples break up just because of small issues and quarrels. But if you can figure out the importance of the issue at the very inception, things are going to be much easier. Don’t just blow up these silly issues, convince yourself that there is nothing much to worry about. Often it’s the overthinking that leads to all these problems. Rather than neglecting these tiny matters, you often couple these issues with other issues and finally end up being in a serious quarrel.


Have plans

Well, a relationship is not a ship without a heading. Without a clear plan, a relationship would soon become boring. It’s the duty of each partner to keep the other one entertained. Be it a weekend, wedding anniversary or a date, have a plan. Moreover, unless you tell your plans about the future of your relationship, your lover would feel that he or she is not important to you and that you are just having a time pass. Express your concerns and wishes about your future, like telling her how many kids you want, and asking him where to live after marriage.


Give surprises

If you are thinking of how to put effort into a relationship, this is one of the best tricks. Surprises make the relationships more exciting and happy. Whether it be a birthday, wedding anniversary or Valentine’s day, surprise your partner with a gift. And surprises are not just limited to these special occasions; you can give surprises every day. Just know what your partner’s likes are, which would help you arrange surprises.


Polish your behaviour

Well, within much of time, you know well what drives your partner crazy. Whatever makes your partner annoyed, stop doing it. It might be your smoking habit, the way you treat her family or even your clumsiness in dropping your clothes on the floor. Just try to know what irritates him or her the most. It would seem a bit difficult in the beginning. But these efforts will really prove to be fruitful when you see the ultimate happiness on your partner’s face.


Be present while with your partner

Okay, while you are with your partner, just dedicate the moment for him or her. Give your attention completely to what your partner says. Don’t act like you are busy to earn more respect. That’s just a false belief. Keep your work, phone, and other personal stuff away while you are with your lover. Everyone expects attention for their emotions and thoughts. Everyone needs a person to share their feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Unless you care to pay attention to those emotions, the relationship is not going to work for long.


Be encouraging

For those who are looking how to put effort into a relationship, this is the simplest one. Everyone expects encouragement, and especially from partner. And this is not just about the career achievement, looks or the financial progress. Be encouraging about the efforts he or she makes towards the relationship. If he or she is trying hard to make you happy, just don’t neglect that; be encouraging. Acknowledge your partner’s efforts to make you feel good. On the other hand, if you ignore your partner’s efforts, he or she would end up getting disappointed.


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