Guys flirt as a way to test the waters with someone they may be interested. Flirting will help him determine whether you might be interested in hanging out or hooking up. Do you want to date this guy or would you much rather him leave you alone? Knowing how to respond to a boy flirting can keep you from some awkward situations and make your interests in him clear. So read this article to learn how to keep him interested or let him know he's crossing boundaries you'd rather him not cross.

What to Do If You Are Interested


Respond to his flirting

If you are interested in him, you want him to get the impression that you are actually interested in him. Smile, laugh, make eye contact when he talks to you and you will give him a better idea that his flirting is welcomed. Smiling is one of the best ways you can show interest in a guy who is flirting with you since the brain often perceives a smile as a type of reward. If you don't know what else to do when a guy begins to flirt with you, start with a smile.


Conversation starters

If you notice him smiling at you, simply say hello to him. If you are interested in the guy, you want to open up the conversation with him. If he has asked you a question first, then respond in a way that will encourage him to keep the conversation going. The best way to keep him talking is to get his opinion on something or ask an open-ended question that requires more than just a simple yes or no response. Instead, simply asking if he likes something, ask what he likes about a particular thing.


Compliment him

Guys like compliments just as much as girls do. How to respond to a boy flirting can be easily done by giving him a subtle compliment. This lets him know that you are obviously interested in him. You want to be honest with the compliment and be specific. You don't have to compliment just his looks, guys tend to respond better when you notice the little details as well or that you find something they say intriguing.


Keep the conversation going

Just starting the conversation with him isn't always enough, you also want to keep the conversation going or he might get the impression that you aren't interested. Once you have the conversation started, you want to continue to ask questions about him that shows you're interested in learning more about him. Ask about things he likes, his job, hobbies or anything else that will keep him talking.


Be aware of you body language

Your body language can give a lot away without ever saying a word. If you want to give him the impression that you are interested through your body language, be sure to keep your body open. Try to avoid crossing your arms or legs and turn your body towards him. Lean into him when he is close or even touch him subtly. Mimicking his body language at times will also give him the impression that you are interested in him.

What to Do If You Are Not Interested?


Be blunt

Some guys just won't get the hints you give that you aren't interested in him and they will keep flirting and drooling anyway. How to respond to a boy flirting if you are not interested? Being upfront and telling you are just not interested. Sometimes you'll have to be a little rude and stop him before he asks you out again or tell him that it really makes you uncomfortable or annoying. Being blunt is often the best way to get him to stop flirting.


Tell him you're seeing someone

One way to get a guy to stop flirting with you is to constantly talk about another guy in front of him. You can tell you already have a boyfriend or simply go on and on about a guy you are interested in. Eventually, he'll get the point and leave you alone.


Just friends

Let him know up front that you are only interested in him as a friend. If he continues to flirt with him, tell him it is gross because friends don't typical talk or act that way with other friends.



Don't respond to his texts, especially if he flirts with you through text messages or text you later in the evening. There is a lot of miscommunication that can happen through a text message and you could be unknowingly giving him the impression that you enjoy his flirty texts. It is best to just ignore his texts until he gets the point that you aren't interested.


Give you attention to another guy

If you want to get someone you aren't interested in to stop flirting with you, just get close to another guy in front of them. How to respond to a boy flirting if you're not interested? Simply ignore one guy and flirt with another. While it may irritate the guy who you are ignoring, it will let him know you just want to be friends.


Avoid him

When all else fails and he isn't already a good friend of yours, simply avoid him totally. He'll get the hint eventually and move onto someone else.


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