Men and women have different feelings about the intimacy of sex. While to men, sex is an anytime or anywhere chore, women tend to react conditionally about it. It is very commonly quoted that, ‘Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.’ Funny as it may seem, it is true about women so that you need to make effort to set the right conditions for them to actively participate in this activity of two. If you ever found yourself wondering “How to get my girlfriend in the mood…” then here is what you need to do.

Tips to Get Your Girlfriend in the Mood

Don’t Rush

It is understandable that something as desirable as sex is what you would want as soon as you can, especially when your hot girlfriend is right in front of you, but you must realize that it must be enjoyed by both of you, so the more you touch and tease her, the more hormone oxytocin will release in her body, making her long for it, too.

Use Your Mouth

Women LOVE oral sex, but not just any oral sex. It is an art, and requires you to focus your attention on slowly building up the heat. Put a pillow under her back, spread her legs, expose her clit and do some tongue-work. Use your finger occasionally, and lick and massage her in a rhythm that she won’t be able to stop dancing to (pun intended).

Find the Spot

If there is one thing that most men lack in foreplay, it is paying attention to the women’s G-spot. The G-spot is extremely sensitive and an erogenous zone that leads to the best female orgasms. You can find it easily when she is aroused, a little deep in her vagina, a hard, rough surface that you can stimulate with your fingers.

Go With the Flow

To achieve most out of foreplay, work with her. When you ask yourself, “How to get my girlfriend in the mood”, her pleasure is your answer. Notice what pleases her and sync your actions according to her breathings. Not only will this make your intimate hour more exciting, but will please her as much as it will please you.

Play Around

Who said adults can’t play? Adults have toys, too, you know, just a different kind. Girls like experimenting and so do you, so next time you and your girlfriend are together, introduce a nice toy for her to play with while you do your ‘work’. It will be a new experience and definitely an addition of pleasure for both of you.

Reveal Her Fantasies

If she is shy and won’t tell openly what her sexual fantasies are, you can indulge her in a game where you both make 10 index cards of unordinary sexual fantasies, and then each one of you answers each card with either “Yes”, “maybe” or “never”. Keep track of the fantasies she seems excited about and try them out. The new experience can surely excite her.


Nothing is more effective than something sexy being whispered in her ear with a slight touch. Women love words and whispering makes it even hotter. The very idea of telling her what’s on your mind in a whisper makes her literally warm up with your breath on her ears, and sends shivers down her spine – the good shivers, of course.

Make Her Wait

This is a fool-proof tip to turn her on before you even see her. An hour or less before you reach home from work, or on your way to see her, send her a dirty text telling her what you’d like to do to her. A message like that would prepare her mind for sex and she’d be waiting and ready to jump on you the moment you enter home.

Be a Gentleman

Women like men who are respectful, well-behaved, and concerned about them. Offer her to drop her home, or do little gentlemanly chores. Also, set the environment with candles and music that would set her mood. You won’t even have to wonder "how to get my girlfriend in the mood" once you master the art of being a gentleman.

Do Something Exciting

Right before you intend on getting in bed with her, do something exciting to rush your adrenaline productions – both yours and hers. Studies show that adrenaline is increased while doing activities like skydiving and such. The easiest way is to watch a scary movie together in your bed, cuddle, and then get into the act.

Role Play

Role plays are the most exciting bedroom plays that can greatly spice up a couple’s sex life. It lets the man and woman completely forget who they are and makes them feel free during the act. Get your girlfriend a sexy outfit for role play and see her reaction, if she looks interested, then tell her to wear it, and don’t forget to make her feel beautiful in it.

A Sensual Massage

We all know how extremely sensual a nice massage can be. A massage would require your girlfriend to remove her clothes, and while you act as her masseuse for the day, drop hints of erotic touches every now and then. The subliminal messages of what’s coming will get her hormones flowing when you are done with the massage.

Shower Together

Showers are like artificial romantic rains for couples. To get your girlfriend in the mood, shower with her in warm water and stay close to each other without intentionally touching her. The occasional ‘innocent’ brushes of your body against hers will make her excited for a nice hot session of intimacy.

Bring the Dessert

There are many ways to experience new bedroom activities that would excite you and your girlfriend, and among many in this list of how to get my girlfriend in the mood, another try is to bring melted chocolate or whipped cream to the bed. The deliciousness of the dessert will make both of you savor each other’s tastes.

Get Erotica to Help You

Visuals can be a huge turn-on in the right situations. Play an adult film on the bedroom television when you’re with her, or read out an erotic story to her with passion. This will set the mood and even determine what positions and kind of sex you will have that day, after seeing or reading something new.


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