Actions speak louder than words. That is very justly said, even for love. Unless you don’t prove your love through your actions, others are not going to believe it. So, anyone who wants to make someone believe of his/her love, show it not only by words, but by your actions as well. You’d have to put all your efforts to make them acknowledge how much you love, understand and share an intimate bond with them. If you are still feeling clueless about how to show someone you love them, here are several great ways narrowed down by us.

Show Your Love with Affectionate Behavior

How you behave, act, react; everything leaves an impact on the one living with you. So, the first thing that you can do is to bring a positive behavioral change. These small loving gestures will surely put the other on a pedestal.

Listen to Them

When they are sharing their moments with you, listen to them. Take interest and make them feel connected. They are talking and you are using your cellphone, that’s really heartbreaking. Don’t make them feel irrelevant.


Stay Honest

Build a relationship based on truth and honesty. Express yourself openly about how you feel about your partner on different occasions. Lying and hiding your emotions would damage this bonding in the long run.


Be Their Strength

Always encourage your partner to pursue his/her dreams and be there on every step.


Value Their Emotions

Be happy in their happiness and grieved in their loss. This would surely develop a relationship based on trust. And both of you would be able to share your emotions with each other.


Hug and Kiss!

When in a relationship, you don’t need to find excuses to come closer. Hug, kiss and get intimate all through the day, with or without a reason. It’s a great way to hold the key to their heart.


Small Surprises Now and Then!

How to show someone you love them, when you don’t want to put some extra efforts? That’s impossible. Know the likes and dislikes of the people you love and surprise them occasionally with something they love. Believe me, these small surprises every now and then can really win their heart


A Portion of Your Life!

No matter how busy and hectic a schedule you follow, always make time for the people you love.


Learn to Forgive

We all make mistakes and want to be forgiven. Similarly, if people you love commit a mistake, forgive them and make them feel better by encouraging them for a better tomorrow.


Cook for Them

Don’t wait for special occasions to cook. If you know what they like, cook it for them to make them feel special.


Get a Gift!

It could be a bouquet, a dinner out, a self-care package or a ticket to a favorite movie.


Clean for Them

Cleaning their room or doing laundry for them can also be an expression of love. Lolz…but that’s true!!!


See A Movie Together!

Make your weekend nights special by watching their favorite movie together.


Prepare a Hot Drink!

Be it coffee or tea, whatever they like, prepare one for them in the cold winter nights.


Praise Their Friends

Get befriended with the people they love (unless someone does not get jealous).


Share the Food!

Many may dislike it but really, sharing your favorite dessert or pizza with them would leave them more than happy.


Share Your Bed

Get them inside your bed. Let them choose their favorite side to sleep (your dear pillow should not be an exception).


Share Your Secrets!

Not only you share your secrets with them but listen to theirs as well. And above all, keep those secrets to yourself.


Accompany Them

Accompany them to shopping, walking, jogging or whatever they love to do.


Wear What They Love

Wear his/her favorite dress or color most often.


They are the Best Adviser!

Make them believe that their advice matters the most for you. It would make them feel important.

Things to Say or Text for Expressing Your Love!

If you really want to know the best ways about how to show someone you love them, say it!!! No doubt you have to prove your love through actions but conveying your feelings verbally is equally important. Say it one on one, if you feel shy, text it. Just know that you have to do this. Here are a few examples.

1. You're the one who holds the key to my heart.

2. I’d love to wake up next to you forever.

3. The very sight of you makes my heart beat.

4. Love fills the smallest moment with a world of happiness.

5. A single day without you is like a day without sunshine.

6. You’re my knight in the shining armor.

7. We have two hearts that finally have become one.

8. Love keeps us connected in thoughts and hearts.

9. I am the happiest, in your arms.

10. Love and friendship has bound us with each other

11. I’ll never be able to get enough of you.

12. The world is a better place when you are around.

13. Thanks for being there for me in my hard times.

14. I want you to be a part of my today, tomorrow and always.

15. We are a match made in heaven. Don’t you think so?

16. You are the jelly to my peanut butter.

17. You still have the power to give me butterflies in my stomach.

18. xoxo I miss you.

19. You by my side, is a dream come true.

20. I really don’t know how to show someone you love them. All I can say is, ‘you drive me wild.’


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