It is hard to use self-control when it comes to eating. For many people, it is almost impossible to just stop eating and often they find themselves eating packages of cookies or sweets and plates of food uncontrollably. Even though you may know you should stop eating, you may just not be able to stop even after you have filled yourself to the point of discomfort or even sickness. Then you may be feeling shameful during or after binge eating episodes and question yourself over and over with how to stop binge eating. If this all sounds familiar, there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed, just utilize the tips below to stop yourself from the constant binge eating.

Effectively Tips to Stop Binge Eating


Stick to a meal plan

At first, it can be difficult to be consistent with a meal plan, but one of the best ways to avoid binge eating is to have a meal plan in place. Getting in the habit of eating meals on a regular schedule will reduce your urge to binge eat.


Figure out your triggers

Binge eating rarely occurs for no reason; there is often an underlying trigger that builds up your urge to eat. For most people, stress and not taking care of yourself properly can lead to binge eating. When you learn what triggers your binge eating, you can learn to better cope with these triggers that don't result in overeating.


Get rid of temptation

When you have plenty of unhealthy options available, you are going to be more likely to binge on these foods. How to stop binge eating? Just remove the temptation to binge on you would normally eat during your episodes.


Replace your binge eating

It is common for those who binge eat to also have symptoms of depression and use food as a way to help them feel good. Instead of turning to food in such condition, find another activity you can do to make you feel good. This might mean getting out of your comfort zone a bit and can take more motivation, but it can be one of the most beneficial ways to kick your binge eating habit as well as your depression.


Distract yourself

Often times the urge to binge eat comes upon you instantly. If you can learn to delay the need for the satisfaction, then you can begin to overcome your binge eating habit. Try to distract yourself when you feel the urge to binge eat or wait ten minutes before giving into the urge. Often time, the urge passes you or you will forget what you wanted to eat altogether.


Don't jump into a fad diet

Binge eating isn't the result of simply eating unhealthy; a fad diet isn't going to help you stop. While you want to eat healthier, many times a fad dieting may only cause you to binge eat even more. Dieting often puts too many restrictions on what is allowed to eat and in turn causes you to binge on this item even more. So when considering how to stop binge eating, implementing a diet is never a good idea.


Think healthily and happily

You need food to fuel your body which is why it is best to fuel it with plenty of fruits and vegetables, but food should also be enjoyed for the taste and for the emotional satisfaction. To help stop binge eating, you want to create a healthy relationship with food. One that consists of not just fueling your body but also tasting good would make you feel good.


Celebrate your victories

No matter how big or small, you want to be happy with any progress you are making. This doesn't mean you should reward yourself with food, but it means you should congratulate yourself and even treat yourself to something other than food. It is important to celebrate your victories throughout the process to continue with getting rid of the bad habit.


Get help

Binge eating can be a serious issue that hides other health problems, mental issues or emotional challenges. When you feel like your binge eating is completely out of control and you cannot get a handle on it as much as you have tried to, it may be time to seek some help either from a professional or support group.


Don't be hard on yourself

Overcoming a binge eating issues isn't going to happen overnight. It will take time and you might binge eat while you are going through the process of getting yourself to stop. How to stop binge eating will require you to be kind to yourself and learn from binge eating episode. Eventually, you will overcome it.


What if you have been in the middle of binge eating?

There will be times when you catch yourself in the middle of a binge eating episode and it isn't too late to stop when you do realize it's bad. When you catch yourself binge eating, stop and ask yourself how it is going to make you feel and what it is that you are actually accomplishing by eating. Just because you start to binge eating doesn't mean you can't stop to the binge. Just take the process slowly and the result might be better. 


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