Everyone has different tastes in music, fashion, food, and sex. Yes, that's right, everyone likes sex differently than others. It is for this reason that so many women are either too hesitant to try something new in bed, or too insecure about whether the man enjoys getting under the blankets with them. Read below to know how to tell if he enjoys you in bed, and then maintain or change your sex attitude accordingly.

Does He Enjoy You in Bed? Check These Signs


Again? Again.

Usually a guy, especially after his climax and ejaculation, loses all interest in sex or physical attraction. And if he is grabbing you again only minutes after his climax, then you have definitely set him on fire in his desire for you. 


Repairing the Damage

It is one thing to just fall to the bed after the nasty work, but it is an entirely amazing thing to make a guy need to ice his muscles or need an energy drink. Only a very passionate and energetic session can cause this, and men love that, so if you find him complaining about his legs hurting after the chore, sit proud.


He Shows His Desperation

If he is not afraid to show his desperation to get in bed with you, and by desperation, it is meant that he is ready to break curfews or risk a little to have those precious 'eleven minutes' with you, then you know that you have got him hooked. You'll find this extremely flattering once you know by these signs about how to tell if he enjoys you in bed.


His Confession

What is better than the truth coming right from his mouth? You have had a hot and steamy session, and while you get dressed up, he cannot help but tell you without a tinge of hesitancy that it was the best he's ever had. Why look for other signs when he found it good enough to compliment you for your hard work there?


He Looks Pleased

When a man is happy, his face won't hide it. Even though he would be tired and all, but if he really enjoyed, he would be so goofily smiling and that smile could light up your self-esteem. Way to go, girl! And what's even better? Men LOVE women who please them without trying too hard. After all, making him happy pleases you, doesn't it?


He Takes It Slow

While men can enjoy just as much without foreplay, women need it to actually gear up for the big showdown. If your man enjoys the act with you, he will never rush or skip any spots that serve as your erogenous zones, because the more he pleases you during the foreplay, the more it becomes obvious that he is fulfilling your womanly desires because you're enjoyable.


He Experiments

Not everyone has the confidence or comfort to experiment something new in bed, but if he does, that means he is really comfortable with you. With these experiments initiated at times by him and other times by you, how to tell if he enjoys you in bed? Simple: notice what feels good for both of you along your journeys from foreplay to climax, then merge those acts with other experiments.


Getting Rewarded

Men have different mechanisms than women in many aspects. For example, while women make use of words more expressively, men tend to lack at words, but excel in action. After a night at his place when you wake up, if you find him getting breakfast ready for you, or with flowers at your bedside, then you know that it is his way of saying thank you for the amazing night you had just spent with him.


Romantic Dinners

We have talked about how important foreplay is, but there are other ways that men have realized can get them all the good night's sleep they want: Romantic dinners. Who wouldn't be touched entering a room full of rose petals, candles, wine and him? If he is making such efforts to make you feel special, that proves that he wants to keep you longer and wants you to be in the right mood for an intimate night with him.


Teach Him

Has it ever happened that after a dirty talking session or during a cuddling session after the deed, he came up with a list of questions about how could you do what you have done in bed? He is impressed, need I say more? When men ask you directly how you did something, they want to learn it because to them, you did it better than anyone else. Teach him a few bedroom tricks and tips, either by word or by action.


He Calls You

If your phone's screen is often ringing with his name on the screen, then you know how often he is thinking about you, and men don't think about a woman too often unless she attracts them and overwhelms them. These are days when people would rather text than call, but if he is calling you frequently, you should know that he wants you - if not physically, then over the phone, because apparently, voices can also trigger sexual attraction.


He Says Your Name

A sure sign of how to tell if he enjoys you in bed is to focus on what he says during the deed. If your man calls your name while doing it, it signifies that he is thinking only about you, and not of only his own pleasure. He wants YOU, not just the sex, and that happens when you give him something really special. Saying your name in bed, all your visuals and feelings will be strengthened in his memory by your name.


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