There may be times when you want to change your hair color non-permanently. Be it for fancy dress, a special event, or just for fun. Thankfully, there are many methods of non-permanent hair coloring, so you are sure to find the best and easiest option for you. This article will explain how to color your hair temporarily, detailing the various techniques and methods available. Please remember that due to different styles, lengths, thickness and conditions of hair, results may vary when trying the techniques listed below. That being said, all methods have proven to work for countless individuals, so they should work for you too.

How to Temporarily Color Your Hair


Hair Clip-ins

Starting with the easiest option, clip-in hair extensions often come in a variety of colors and styles, meaning that you should easily find the perfect color and style for you. The best part about this method is that it is completely without risk, you can simply remove the extensions when you wish, without the need to wash your hair to remove the color. Simply find the color that matches your look and pick your style, then clip into the root of your hair, ensuring that the clip is well disguised, and that the extension looks natural.


Colored Hairspray

Most fancy dress/Halloween stores will have colored hairspray. Simply get the color (or colors) that you want and spray them onto your hair as you see fit. This gives you the ability to add immediate color to your hair without fuss. You should, however, remember that these sprays often cause your hair to become extremely hard, so you may wish to choose a more hair-friendly method if this seams unfavorable to you (continue reading to discover more hair-friendly methods). That being said, your hair is sure to stay in place if you choose this method.


Coloring Hair Gel

Some hair coloring products come in gel form. These can be easily added to your hair, helping to both color and style, and lifting your look to the next level. These gels often have a tendency to harden as they dry, meaning that they are more suitable for updos. When considering how to color your hair, this method is also beneficial due to the fact that it can be easily washed out in the shower with shampoo.


Hair Chalks

These products can be easily rubbed into dry hair, helping to achieve a pastel-like color instantaneously. An excellent benefit to this method is that it is hair-friendly and the product does not stiffen or become hard, so you will still be able to brush or run your fingers through your hair without a problem (though you may wish to set it with some hairspray to prevent any residue of the chalk coming off onto your clothes). Hair chalks are also easily washed out with water and shampoo.


Go Semi-permanent

If you want your color to stick around for an extended period of time, then you may wish to learn how to temporarily color your hair so it lasts longer than the methods listed above. This is when semi-permanent hair dyes are perfect. These ensure that the color sticks around for anywhere from three to six weeks, without causing unwanted or lasting damage to your hair. There are many products available and a wide variety of colors to choose from, also. To do this, find the color you want, wash your hair with shampoo then allow it to dry. Next, protect yourself/clothing with a towel (and use gloves when handling the dye if possible). Apply the dye to the area of hair you wish to color (or onto all of it if you wish), then allow it to set for around thirty minutes before washing it out with shampoo in the shower, until the water runs clear, after which you should apply conditioner.



Hair powders offer an easy and effective method of hair coloring. An important thing to remember is that you will also need to add leave-in conditioner to your hair to give the powder a base for the color to stick to. Next, separate the sections of hair you wish to color, and protect yourself as noted above. After you have done that, use gloves and apply the product into your hair in a downward motion, then set it using hairspray.


Try Eye-Shadow

Eye-shadow can be a cheaper alternative to using specialized hair-powder. Simply grab some eye shadow and protect your clothing and skin. You should first use conditioner to help the color set, then place your hair between the pot and your thumb, moving the pot downwards, allowing the color to wipe off onto it. You should once again set it using hairspray.


Use Food Coloring

Standard food coloring can be used to affectively dye hair. Simply place the food coloring into an easy accessible container. Use a toothbrush to apply the color evenly onto your hair, avoiding contact with the skin! Allow it to be absorbed (for around 15 minutes), then blow dry. Do not wash it for at least 24 hours.



Mascara comes in many colors, and can be used in the hair to add easy color. If you have light hair, simply apply the product to the area of hair you wish colored. If your hair is dark, priming it with a white mascara first can help the color stand out after you have applied it.


Washable Markers

This method is quick, and can last from one week to a month. Simply grab a washable marker and remove the back end to access the felt within (it will be in a plastic tube). Cut this tube open to expose the felt, then add a small amount of water to make the dye more transferable. Next, use gloves and rub the felt downwards into your hair where you want color, then set with hairspray.


Use Henna

When considering how to temporarily color your hair, this can be a fantastic option. Many women from numerous cultures have used henna for generations to apply color to their hair. It not only adds color, but also conditions and nourishes your hair. Mix the powdered henna with around 4 tablespoons of brewed coffee and olive oil to create a workable paste. Add this to your hair and leave it for two hours before washing.


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