When you are trying to wake someone, it is always tempting to make the loudest noise or jump on the bed to get them up. You might want to reconsider waking someone up in this dramatic fashion unless you also want a rude awakening the next morning. How to wake someone up is best done in a calmer and gentler fashion. Try out these creative and effective ways to wake someone from their peaceful sleep.


Adjust their room temperature

Changing the temperature in the person's room to something that is slightly warmer or colder than they are comfortable with can help wake them up. If they have a fan on, turn it off or pull the covers off of them. You can also adjust the temperature of the entire house, but this can take longer.


Let some light in

Using the sunlight can be an easy and highly effective way to wake someone from a slumber. Open up the curtain and allow the sun to fill the room which will gradually allow the person to wake naturally. Try to avoid letting the sun to directly hit the person sleeping, as this can cause the person to wake more suddenly and cause some irritation.


Grab some pepper

Sometimes all you have to do is to head to the kitchen and get a handful of pepper to wake someone who just won't get up. Quietly head into their room and hold a palm full of pepper up to their nose. After one or two inhales, they will sneeze themselves awake.


Set an alarm

If your friend or family member sets an alarm but simply reaches over to shut it off then dozed back off, set another one for them. Place the alarm out of reach where they will have to get up and out of bed to turn it off.


Cook something

How to wake someone up is often easily done when you have something cooking in the kitchen. Trying putting a batch of cinnamon rolls in the oven or frying some bacon to fill your home with a mouth-watering fragrance. If you would much rather not actually cook, then invest in a room spray that smells like cinnamon rolls. in this way, you still wake the person but don't have to actually go through the process or do the dishes.


Get your pet involved

Pets are great at gently waking people up from their sleep. Why not use this to get your sleeping friend up? Whether it's making your dog bark for no reason in the early hours or simply hiding some treats in bed with your sleeping friend will surely wake the person quickly. While the barking may be irritating, not many can resist the sight of their cute pet early in the morning.


Leave your phone in their room

Set your phone up in their room and call it or have someone else call your phone from a different one. You can simply enter their room looking for it and while in the process your sleeping friend will be woken up from their deep sleep because of the noise and commotion.


Have someone call their phone

If you can get their boss to call them a few hours before they need to be up, this is ideal. They can send the person into a slight panic by letting them know they are late or you can just have their intimidating father call.


Brew up some coffee

How to wake someone up when they aren't a morning person? Brew up a pot of coffee or herbal tea you know they would love. Bring the coffee to their room so the aroma fills the room and will slowly wake them from their slumber. The sleeping beauty will not only wake up but will also welcome the freshly brewed cup with gratitude.


Use some cold water

You can just dump a cup or bucket full of cold water on the person to wake them instantly and really effectively, but you might regret it the next morning. Instead, just sprinkle a few drops of cold water on their face. While they still make wake suddenly, it won't be as much of a shock.


Set off your car alarm

If the person you are trying to wake sleeps in a room close to your car, then this can be an effective way to wake them up. Simply press your panic button to make your car alarm go off and you are sure to wake your friend in little to no time. Just beware, your neighbors might not be so thrilled about this wake-up call depending on how early it is in the morning.


Simply tell them to wake up

Give your heavy sleep a gently shake on the shoulder and tell them it's time to wake up. Use a firm tone and let them know they need to get up and start the day. If they end up turning over and mumbling “five more minutes”, keep at it. Just repeat that it's time to wake up and don't stop until they are out of bed.


Turn on some music

Blasting the TV or stereo is a go-to option if wondering how to wake someone up, but it can often lead to a rude awakening. While you can go with some heavy metal and scare the person awake, consider turning up the tunes to something a little more subdued. In this way, they will gradually wake up and won't be as grumpy when they do.


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