There are so many reasons why you end up dealing with dark, red circles under eyes. These circles look unsightly, and people do whatever they can to correct the issue. Some use a specially designed concealer, but that serves as a temporary solution only. Other people do not mind use certain serums to help minimize the appearance of those circles. It is true that dark, red circles can make you look tired and exhausted, but they may indicate some underlying medical conditions, so you need to identify the underlying cause to fix the issue permanently. Let's find out more about it.

What Causes Red Circles Under Eyes?

Information about what causes red circles under your eyes puts you in a better position to find a more permanent cure. Here are some reasons for those who may be experiencing this issue.

You are Getting Older

As you grow old, your skin becomes thinner and those blood vessels underneath your skin become more visible. You may also lose fat and collagen with age, and that may contribute to the development of dark circles under your eyes. Many people turn to anti-aging products with a hope to improve their skin condition, but you should avoid these products, especially if they contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid. You will be better off using a serum that contains root extracts or Brazilian suma.


You Do Not Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep may also be the reason why you have dark red circles under your eyes. Insufficient sleep affects you in many different ways. It makes your skin look paler that makes dark red circles a lot more visible. You should ensure that you get no less than 8 hours of sleep every night.


You Have Nasal Congestion

The veins under your eyes may look darker because of nasal congestion. Your congested nose may be the result of being exposed to dry air, allergens, and viruses. You can use saline sprays to help reduce nasal congestion – you can buy OTC saline sprays or get prescription sprays to decongest your nose. Nasal irrigation may also help. You can make some saline solution by mixing salt in water and then pour it into your nostrils using a neti pot, which you can buy from any natural food store. Irrigate your nasal passages at least once a day to relieve congestion.


You Expose Your Skin to Sunlight

Direct sun exposure can cause several skin problems. It increases melanin production, which in turn causes dark and red circles under eyes. You should use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Opt for a product with SPF 30 or higher to get enough protection. Be sure to wear it daily to prevent any damage to the delicate skin under your eyes.

How to Get Rid of Red Circles Under Eyes Naturally

It will be easier to handle things if you could identify the underlying cause of red circles under your eyes. Here are a few suggestions:

Always Use Sunscreen

You should never go out in the sun without wearing sunscreen, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Those UV rays are harmful for your skin and they can be very damaging for the delicate skin under your eyes. Therefore, you should wear sunscreen whenever you go out – be sure to wear it even if it is cloudy outside because the rays can still penetrate through the clouds and damage your skin.


Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

If you rub your eyes a lot, that may well be the reason why you have dark spots under eyes. Rubbing causes friction, which in turn makes the skin under your eyes look red. Constant rubbing would result in the development of dark spots. Therefore, it is important to avoid rubbing and use only your index finger when applying any eye makeup.


Drink Plenty of Water

One of many reasons of dark under-eye circle is dehydration. It is important to ensure that you drink enough water every day. Normally, you should aim for 8 glasses of water every day. You can also include some beverages in your diet to keep your body from becoming dehydrated. Be sure to increase your water intake if you are taking medications. People who smoke or drink dehydrating beverages should also increase their intake of water.


Improve Your Sleeping Habits

In case your dark red circles are the result of not getting enough sleep, you may consider changing your sleeping habits to fix the issue. Be sure to get 8 hours of sleep every night. Go to bed at the same time every day, even on weekends, and get up at a set time in the morning. It is also a good idea to keep your head propped up a bit during sleeping hours. This keeps blood from accumulating under your eyes, which may help minimize the appearance of the circles.


Do Not Sleep Without Removing Makeup

Never sleep without removing your makeup or else you will develop all sorts of skin problems. Makeup contains chemicals that can cause red discoloration. Use non-irritating cleansers to clean the area under your eyes. It is better to avoid topical creams to clean the area, as they may have chemicals that can cause itching and irritation.


Other Tips

  • Pay attention to your diet and include green leafy veggies in your routine. Eat more fruits and include iron supplements in your diet.

  • Avoid excessive salt intake because it promotes fluid retention in your body.

  • Do not leave allergies untreated – talk to your doctor and take steps to keep your environment allergen free.

  • Maintain an active lifestyle and try relaxing exercises, such as meditation, yoga, etc. Jogging and walking will also help improve blood circulation and reduce the appearance of under-eye circles.

How to Get Rid of Red Eye Circles Fast With Makeup

While taking some precautionary measures and using natural remedies may help lighten dark spots under your eyes, you can also use makeup to treat your under-eye circles temporarily. For instance:
  • Try heavy pigmented concealer, but be sure to opt for a shade lighter than your skin tone.

  • Cover the area close to your nose bridge first. Then, take apply concealer to the rim of your eyes.

  • Apply some foundation on top and then blend it with concealer for a more flawless look.

  • You can also apply concealer across the lid if there is any redness of blue hues. Be sure to blend it up using warmed fingertips.


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